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30 Days to Living Fit 30 Days to Living Fit
Break the rut! Sign up for your free 30 day journey (and you could win a Fitbit Versa 2!) 30 Days to Living Fit

Break the rut! Sign up for your free 30 day journey (and you could win a Fitbit Versa 2!)

Still not sure how to kick start your health and fitness #2020goals? Take this journey with us over the course of the next 30 days, and master your fitness skills. Practical easy advice you can use daily for a healthier fitter you!  

How this works

  • Sign up to receive a weekly email over the next 5 weeks containing daily health tips, healthy recipes and inspiring stories that will keep you motivated. This also enters you into the draw to win a FitBit Versa 2.
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  • Tag us with your own commitment progress on social media! #30LivingFit – for more chances to win prizes!

Break the rut

Committing to a 30-day challenge has the potential to break you out of a rut and force you to experience new things. In the training context, it can make your weekly routine less, umm, routine.

It can also serve as an incentive to push you out of your comfort zone on a more regular basis, while also exposing you to something potentially new and interesting every day.

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Self improvement

By making small changes every day following this 30 day approach, you could emerge a better person in some small way, both physically and mentally. Breaking down a large goal into smaller increments – 30-day bursts, in this case – also makes it more achievable.

And it doesn’t end there – mastering his skill of daily task commitment can filter into other areas of your life.

Think of this…

By stringing together twelve 30-day challenges a year and following that with 12 more, and doing that over and over again, who knows what your life will be like 10 years from now? We’re willing to bet it will vastly different from the life you know now.

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