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T’s and C’s: #BokFuel Instagram Campaign
Dis-Chem Living Fit ‘#BokFuel’ match-week and grand prize Instagram giveaways By entering into said competition/promotion, entrants agree to the rules set out below: This competition is limited to all legal residents and/or legal citizens of South Africa in possession of a valid identity document and who are over the... Read more
How to lockdown your gains during these 21 days of national shutdown
Identifying the 3 aspects to keeping your gains is the first priority – nutrition, training, and supplementation. We ask around the fitness community and find out what competitive athletes are doing in their approach to maintain their physique during this period. This is a challenging time for most, but... Read more
Bodybuilding ICON – Kevin Levrone’s Signature Series is now available at Dis-Chem
If you’re looking to take your physique to the next level, why not start with products formulated by one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time – Kevin Levrone. Kevin ‘The Uncrowned King’ Levrone is undeniably one of the most successful and influential bodybuilders of all time. He turned... Read more
Change the recovery game
Plant-based protein sources are becoming increasingly popular; and here’s why… Do you struggle to fully recover between training sessions? Do you feel sluggish before and during races or hard training sessions? Is it taking you longer to recuperate from injury than expected? If so, have you ever stopped to... Read more
Exercise & Pregnancy
What to expect (during training) when you’re expecting Expectant moms often worry that exercise during pregnancy could harm their health or that of their developing baby. However, if a pregnant woman is otherwise healthy, undergoes regular prenatal check-ups with her OBGYN and is not considered a high risk pregnancy,... Read more
Carb Cycling

Carb Cycling

Gym 27/02/2020 2

Low-carb, high-fat diets aren’t for everyone. In fact, there is still uncertainty about these diets’ long-term effects and the potential impact that consistent, high intensity training in a glycogen-depleted state can have on the body. More people are realising that insulin is a major cause of many health issues... Read more
CBD – potentially one of the biggest health trends in our lifetime
Nature’s medicine, cannabis sparks global boom in health products market. A new generation of health-conscious and wellness-oriented consumers are driving a shift towards natural living, opting for natural foods, natural body and skincare products, natural fabrics and natural remedies. CBD, a naturally-occurring, active non-psychoactive compound found in the flower... Read more
Run your first half marathon in 2020! (FREE PDF GUIDE INCLUDED)
Hit the road running this new year. Here’s a comprehensive how-to guide on running your first half marathon. South Africans love to run. The country has a rich running history with iconic global events like the Comrades and Two Oceans ultra marathons, which year after year captivate the imaginations... Read more
The Trend to Blend – Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies
Smoothies are a great way to pack in a concentrated dose of vital nutrients. The trend to blend makes it easy to combine natural wholesome foods with concentrated superfoods like cinnamon, Spirulina and ginger. It’s the perfect approach to give your immune system a boost the tasty way! Top... Read more
Coach’s corner: The beginner’s guide to becoming a triathlete
 If Hobbo’s journey from the couch to the 2019 Standard Bank Half Ironman Durban finish line has inspired you to compete, we’ve got top tips from a leading local triathlete coach about how best to start your own journey to endurance sport success! Dedication is the secret ingredient Claire Horner... Read more