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5 signs that you need to dial it down
The best gains in sporting performance are realised when an athlete adheres to a well planned and properly periodised training program with consistency and commitment. These plans will have sufficient periods of active rest, recovery and reduced training volumes to ensure the proper adaptations to training can occur, but... Read more
Beat the summer heat
As cool spring breezes turn to blistering summer heat, many of us will be tempted to head outdoors for some exercise and a possible break from the monotony of indoor gym training. While variety in training does wonders for increasing motivation and ensuring you don’t get bored with your... Read more
3 signs your fitness is improving
By learning to read the various natural signals and biorhythms of your body you can gain important insights into how it is functioning and, importantly, if your fitness is improving. Often referred to as biofeedback, understanding what your heart rate at rest or before, during and after exercise is... Read more
5 tips to nail your training taper
Make sure you arrive at the start feeling fresh, sharp and ready to race Months of hard training, strict eating and meticulous preparation can all be undone in the final week before an A-race without a proper taper. We often invest 3 to 6 months of dedicated training to... Read more