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Is crash training the key to unlocking super-sized performance gains?
The concept of crash training may sound extreme, or even detrimental, and when implemented incorrectly it certainly can be, but with the correct protocol it can be one of the most effect ways to deliver a boost in performance or overcome training stagnation. Broadly speaking, crash training is an... Read more
Sweat science: How conventional thinking around optimal hydration is shifting
Drink 3 litres of water a day and an extra 500ml for every 20 minutes of strenuous exercise. For decades that has been the broad conventional guidelines around hydration as dehydration has been touted as the main cause of decreased performance, particularly during endurance events. However, if you do... Read more
How to conquer the dreaded muscle cramp
Few physiological phenomena are as common among endurance athletes, yet are as misunderstood, as muscle cramps. More specifically, the main cause (or causes) of exercise-associated muscle cramping (EAMC) is something that the exercise science community at large still debates today. Ask most athletes why they cramp and they’ll likely... Read more
Master the marathon: Your guide to completing your first marathon
The marathon – a 42.2km running event that dates back some 2,500 years – often seems like a bridge too far for the majority of recreational runners. However, unlike the first official marathoner, the Greek soldier Pheidippides who ran the 42km from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to... Read more
5 ways you’re fast-tracking injury
We all want to push our boundaries and achieve our performance-oriented goals, but at what cost? When it comes to training, there are established guidelines we need to adhere to to reduce our risk of injury, without limiting our potential to improve. Ignore them and you’ll likely find yourself... Read more
5 signs that you need to dial it down
The best gains in sporting performance are realised when an athlete adheres to a well planned and properly periodised training program with consistency and commitment. These plans will have sufficient periods of active rest, recovery and reduced training volumes to ensure the proper adaptations to training can occur, but... Read more
Beat the summer heat
As cool spring breezes turn to blistering summer heat, many of us will be tempted to head outdoors for some exercise and a possible break from the monotony of indoor gym training. While variety in training does wonders for increasing motivation and ensuring you don’t get bored with your... Read more
3 signs your fitness is improving
By learning to read the various natural signals and biorhythms of your body you can gain important insights into how it is functioning and, importantly, if your fitness is improving. Often referred to as biofeedback, understanding what your heart rate at rest or before, during and after exercise is... Read more
5 tips to nail your training taper
Make sure you arrive at the start feeling fresh, sharp and ready to race Months of hard training, strict eating and meticulous preparation can all be undone in the final week before an A-race without a proper taper. We often invest 3 to 6 months of dedicated training to... Read more