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The great kettlebell swing debate
Due to its widespread use in CrossFit boxes around the world,  the American-style kettlebell swing has grown in prominence, but not everyone is happy with this development. Hardstyle kettlebell purists, including RKC and SFG kettlebell instructors, have been extremely vocal about what they feel amounts to the debasement of... Read more
PNF stretching: The most effective way to improve range of motion

Stretching is important to counteract the natural forces of everyday movements and activities like weight training, which shortens muscles and other soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

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Self myofascial release improves flexibility, mobility & movement
If you’ve been paying attention you would’ve noticed that your local gym now boasts a range of foam or plastic cylindrical tools in the studio or stretching area. They’re known as self myofascial release (SMR) tools and have become an essential part of any balanced gym routine due to... Read more
The hard-gainer’s guide to serious gainz
We’re not all blessed with the genes that make it easy to slap on size. The hard truth is that our ability to add significant muscle is hardwired into our DNA and those who aren’t blessed with the right combination of genes have to work really hard to add... Read more
The rep revealed

The rep revealed

Gym 12/01/2019 0

The rep, or repetition is the fundamental element of any weight lifting programme and can therefore be considered one of the most important factors in any gym program. When you consider all of the reps you execute in a month – which easily extend into the thousands –  it... Read more