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Your Complete Guide to Supplements
Protein supplements Accelerate recovery and boost muscle growth with the right protein supplement. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue. That’s why you need to feed your muscles with adequate amounts of protein to repair and rebuild strong, shapely muscle following intense exercise. What protein supplements do A... Read more
Find weight-loss success with our fat-fighting toolkit
In our on-going battle against the bulge, everyone can benefit from some extra help, especially in these challenging times. To better navigate the complexities of weight-loss in lockdown, we’ve created the ultimate fat-loss toolkit to ensure you tick all the right boxes. Find the right nutrition plan Finding the... Read more
Fundiswa lost 24kg in 9 months with Herbex!
Fundiswa started modelling while growing up in Colenso in KwaZulu-Natal. But any aspirations she had to make this her career faded away in high school. “I started gaining weight because I was eating junk food and, later, drinking alcohol. I became lazy and was also always tired. Eventually, I... Read more
Meet lean machine Wiehann van Wyk, #TeamRED’s new recruit
Wiehann van Wyk has dedicated most of his life to achieving his fitness goals and pursuing a career in the industry. Wiehann had an active childhood but it was only after he matriculated that he took up the art of sculpting his body. He started off with just a... Read more
Workout Guide: DCLF Toning Tube
Strengthen & tone with the toning tube. Now you can target any muscle group for a full body workout, at home or in gym. Lower body Kickbacks Hold handles and drop onto hands and knees. Loop tube around one foot and kick this leg back. Extend until parallel with... Read more
Run strong workout – Mini Bands
A strong runner is an efficient runner. A strong runner is also a resilient athlete who is less at risk from injury We need to build our strength because many of us are functionally weak due to a more sedentary lifestyle and the many hours we spend sitting each... Read more
Suspension Trainer Workout
Suspension training systems leverage gravity and your bodyweight to deliver a challenging and effective resistance training workout for the entire body. Moving your arms or legs off the floor and into a suspended position also adds an element of instability to every movement, which will engage your core and... Read more
Discover the world of protein options
A good protein supplement is a mainstay in every nutrition plan, whether your aim is to build a better body, lose weight or enhance your recovery. A visit to your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy or the online store will reveal an impressive range of protein supplements. Each product contains a... Read more
Unlock stiff winter joints and relieve aches and pains
If you tend to feel inflexible during the colder months, or experience more aches and pains in your joints, you can counteract the effects the cold weather with a proactive and dynamic approach. It’s not the cold that stiffens joint structures, though, at least not directly. It’s actually a... Read more
Meet SA’s biggest, leanest medical professional, TeamRed’s Nhlanhla Vilakazi
Nhlanhla Vilakazi is a doctor, IFBB Muscular Physique competitor and Biogen-sponsored athlete. He has been competing for just over a year but has been a fitness enthusiast for as long as he can remember. “Growing up, I always seemed to find myself promoting physical exercise and fitness initiatives”, says... Read more