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For health’s sake, become a super sleeper
In our quest for improved health and a better body, we focus intensely on how we eat and exercise, and rightly so. However, by neglecting to consider the impact that adequate, good quality sleep has on our health and our ability to lose weight and gain muscle, we often... Read more
Study finds irregular sleep may lead to bad moods, depression
A study shows that an irregular sleep schedule may increase the risk of depression and bad moods as much as getting fewer hours of sleep or staying up late. The Nature Partner Journal study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Neuroscience Institute looked at the habits of over 2,000... Read more
[RECIPE] Healthy Girl Foods Signature Protein Ball Dessert Pizza

Looking for something different to tantalise your taste buds? Why not try a rather unconventional but oh-so-yummy dessert pizza? It’s great as an indulgent weekend breakfast, a snack or an after-meal treat. It’s super tasty and a complete game-changer! Ingredients for the pizza base 3 egg whites (if you... Read more
[RECIPE] Hemp Berry Smoothie
Plant protein, nutrients and fibre, all packed into one convenient recipe. What more do you need to fuel your day. Hemp seeds are nutrient-packed powerhouses. They contain minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese and iron, as well as vitamin E and B-vitamins. You’ll also get a healthful dose of... Read more
Immune-boosting winter supplement essentials
Looking for added nutritional support to help ward offs colds and flu this winter? Consider these supplements… Our bodies require various vitamins and minerals to support the immune system, especially during periods when it experiences heightened demands to ward off cold and flu viruses and other infections. While a... Read more
Dried fruits, a source of concentrated goodness
We all know that fruits are delicious and nutritious foods that we should all include (sparingly) in our diets. But not everyone can buy fresh fruits regularly due to time, costs and other constraints. Many people turn to dried fruits as a convenient alternative because they are often more... Read more
Herbex helped Vuyiswa lose 44kg in 12 months and keep it off for 8 years!
Vuyiswa Nyauza’s life changed in 2011 when she fell pregnant, but bringing new life into the world wasn’t an entirely positive experience for her. “I gained so much weight that year and wasn’t able to shed the weight after I gave birth,” explains Vuyiswa. She weighed 112kg and wore... Read more
Promote beauty from within with nutricosmetics
For years, the beauty and skincare industry has told us that vibrant, glowing skin and hair comes from products and treatments that nourish from the outside in, but is that enough? The truth is that achieving a healthful, luscious and vibrant outward appearance also requires nutrients that nourish from... Read more
Optimise your digestion with digestive enzymes
‘You are what you eat,’ is a popular turn of phrase used in the health and fitness industries. But what that statement fails to convey is the importance that optimal digestion plays in the equation. It’s perhaps more apt to state that “you are what you absorb”. And some... Read more
Registered dietician explains how to do intermittent fasting the right way
Intermittent fasting has become a popular dietary trend as people use this structured eating plan to lose weight, improve their health and simplify their lifestyles. Registered dietician and founder of Newtricion Wellness Dieticians, Omy Naidoo, says fasting has been around for decades and many within society still practice some... Read more