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What’s so essential about Essential Amino Acids?
Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have become an extremely popular trend in the sports nutrition market. USN recently released All9™ Amino, for example. This complete sugar-free amino stack is ideal for hydration, stamina and muscle recovery. The product contains a 2:1:1 ratio of naturally fermented Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)... Read more
5 facts that reveal the link between gum health and heart health
As more people become aware of the importance of improving their health and fitness, they are becoming stricter with their diet and gym regimens. While the focus is predominantly on weight management and physical fitness as both contribute to overall health, mouth health is often ignored. This is concerning... Read more
Make the tastiest whey shake worthy of its gold standard ingredients
Whey protein is popular with active individuals because it digests rapidly and helps support muscle recovery from exercise. Here are some tips for adjusting the flavour profile and consistency of your shake. Try them out on any of the delicious Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey™ flavours available at... Read more
The struggle is real: Science affirms that man flu exists
For as long as man and woman have cohabited, the contentious debate about the existence and validity of ‘man flu’ has raged on. A mopey man dragging himself around the house when the flu hits is enough to make the most compassionate and empathetic woman roll her eyes. However,... Read more
Robertsons Sweet treat options

Whether your cheat meal is simply an impulsive indulgence or a strategic reward for sticking to your diet and training plan, it doesn’t need to break the calorie or sugar bank.

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5 tips to stop sinful snacking
Steadfast adherence to a balanced and calorie-controlled eating plan is the foundation on which all successful and sustainable weight-loss efforts are built. But all our hard work and commitment can come undone by unplanned snacking on poor quality foods throughout the day, as we can easily consume excess calories... Read more
Excessive night-time bathroom visits affect 1 in 3 people
Nocturia, or excessive urination at night, can affect up to one in three older people and is more prominent in women than men, research shows. A study showed that almost 30% of 7 620 women surveyed reported two or more urination episodes a night with the incidence of nocturia... Read more
Beat the afternoon slump

For most of us it happens like clockwork. You’ve had your lunch break and are back into the swing of work. Then, an hour or two later, you hit the mid-afternoon slump which results in a massive dip in energy and, subsequently, performance, focus and motivation.

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Are you fighting a losing weight-loss battle?
By Cherise Potgieter & Owen Dunderdale RD (SA) Your weight gain or inability to lose weight, despite your best efforts, may be caused by a medical condition, rather than an ineffective approach to weight loss. When this happens it can often feel as if we’re stuck in the weight-loss... Read more
Act early to counter the agony of kidney stones, recommends urologist
Kidney stones, which are among the top 20 most painful medical conditions, may be avoided through a healthy diet and lifestyle and can be effectively treated by a urologist if addressed early. Kidney stones are common, affecting about 10–15% of the population with a study showing that this is... Read more