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Guilt-free sipping with EVOX Zero Calorie Flavour Infusions
Adds some flavour to still or sparkling water without the guilt thanks to EVOX’s Zero Calorie Flavour Infusions. With no calories or aspartame, you can meet your daily hydration needs the flavoursome way by turning bland water into a range of flavours, including Orange Splash, Apple Crush, Red Berry... Read more
EVOX introduces Alpha Raw Lean Muscle Gainer
Looking for a clean source of carbs and protein to fuel lean muscle gains? Then try EVOX’s new Alpha Raw Lean Muscle Gainer. Each serving delivers 31g of protein and 63g of carbohydrates derived from oats, rice, peas and potatoes to fuel growth and gains, build strength and endurance... Read more
EVOX whey now in Banana Milk Bottles flavour
It’s the newest taste sensation to land on Dis-Chem store shelves. EVOX’s 100% Whey Protein Advanced is now available in a new Banana Milk Bottles flavour (coming soon to the Dis-Chem online store). Not only does it taste like your favourite childhood treat, but each serving contains a fast-uptake... Read more