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Fat-loss convenience with USN’s PhedraCut Burn XT One-a-Day
USN’s new PhedraCut Burn XT One-a-Day is a potent fat-burning formulation that delivers powerful thermogenic technology through a multi-action single daily capsule. This effective multi-action supplement includes fat burning and weight-loss enhancing ingredients to target different aspects associated with weight loss and toning. This product is intended to assist... Read more
USN releases new XTS Pump flavours
You can now get USN’s all-in-one explosive pre-workout XTS Pump N.O from select Dis-Chem stores in two exciting new flavours – Tiger’s Blood and Cola Toffee. The tubs are also to conserve plastic and reduce wastage for a more environment-friendly product. But don’t worry, you’ll still find the same... Read more
Youthful Living range grows
Youthful Living has added two scrumptious functional foods to the range to cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. Youthful Living Protein Crunchies are great-tasting, high-protein crunchie cluster, made with sugar-free chocolate. Each pack delivers 10g of protein and only 0.9g of sugar. They are also free from palm... Read more
Biogen unleashes RAGE Thermo
Biogen’s eagerly anticipated new RAGE Thermo fat-loss aid contains a potent formula that aligns with the brand’s motto of #BEYOURBEST. This powerful thermogenic has been designed to boost fat metabolism with effective active ingredients, including Sinterol®, ThermozineTM, Bioperine® and over 150mg of caffeine. This formulation will support those who... Read more
Gain mass the natural way with Biogen Bulk Raw Food Gainer
Sticking with the newest trends that narrow the gap between sports supplements and performance foods, Biogen has developed a premium plant-based version of its popular BULK Mass Gainer. Biogen BULK RAW Food Gainer forms part of the Biogen Well Range and is made with real food sources. The shake... Read more
Simplify low-carb living with the Biogen Keto range
If you follow a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) eating plan for improved health, weight-loss or enhanced sporting performance, Biogen is making it easier with its new Keto range. The brand’s new Keto Range provides various products to make living a low-carb lifestyle more convenient. The range includes: Keto Meal Shake... Read more
New on shelf: Primal Pink Bar
The Primal Pink Bar is a new, tasty protein bar, specially formulated for women. It is the ideal on-the-go snack or guilt-free indulgence. Each bar delivers 11.8g of protein from a blend of whey and milk protein isolates, and prebiotic fibre to aid digestion, with just 108 calories per... Read more
Biogen Electro Lite + C
Electro Lite + C is a lightly carbonated drink that contains 1000mg of vitamin C and electrolytes. It is the ideal drink to help you replenish lost electrolytes and enhance fluid absorption to prevent muscle cramps and aid hydration. The added vitamin C assists to maintain normal immune system... Read more
NanoWave updates mask range
You can now buy NanoWave face masks for kids and adults from select Dis-Chem stores in a range of colour options, including Black, Grey, Camo, Blue, Teal and Pink. NanoWave masks are uniquely designed with innovative technology, such as advanced Nano Foam, a unique five-layer filtration system, improved overall... Read more
NPL Vita Series for immune system support
Supporting immune system function is a priority for everyone, irrespective of your age, gender or race. Our bodies are under constant stress due to immune threats, poor diets, pollution, illness and infections.   The NPL Vita Series includes products such as Immune Pro+ and Vita C+ with Zinc, which... Read more