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13 of the best fitness and health apps
When gyms closed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, most people turned to their mobile devices for their daily at-home fitness fix. According to data from Statista, health and fitness app downloads hit 593 million during the first three months of 2020. That was just over 30% more... Read more
Workout Guide: DCLF Toning Tube
Strengthen & tone with the toning tube. Now you can target any muscle group for a full body workout, at home or in gym. Lower body Kickbacks Hold handles and drop onto hands and knees. Loop tube around one foot and kick this leg back. Extend until parallel with... Read more
Run strong workout – Mini Bands
A strong runner is an efficient runner. A strong runner is also a resilient athlete who is less at risk from injury We need to build our strength because many of us are functionally weak due to a more sedentary lifestyle and the many hours we spend sitting each... Read more
Suspension Trainer Workout
Suspension training systems leverage gravity and your bodyweight to deliver a challenging and effective resistance training workout for the entire body. Moving your arms or legs off the floor and into a suspended position also adds an element of instability to every movement, which will engage your core and... Read more
Time for an at-home training revival: Try these 4 FREE home workouts
Revive your home training with these 4 FREE workout downloads. If the gym environment is just too risky, or if you’re loving the convenience home training brings to your life (smashing a session in your PJs is a thing!) then revive your passion for a great workout with any... Read more