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Dis-Chem announces exciting new product listings Dis-Chem announces exciting new product listings
With the Spring and Summer seasons upon us, loyal Dis-Chem shoppers can expect to find a host of new supplements and functional health and... Dis-Chem announces exciting new product listings

With the Spring and Summer seasons upon us, loyal Dis-Chem shoppers can expect to find a host of new supplements and functional health and fitness products on store shelves in October, November and December.

The latest updates to Dis-Chem’s constantly evolving and extensive range of leading local and international supplement brands includes numerous new products such as vitamins, proteins, functional foods and products such as kinesiology tape and an activewear range.

Mi-Vitamin MixMe

MixMe Vitamin and Mineral Powder sachets contain 15 essential vitamins and minerals that are often missing from the diets of children between six months to five years of age. The multiple micronutrient powder ensures that children receive 100% of their recommended daily vitamin and mineral allowance, which they need for health, growth and development. The powder is sugar-free and has no taste.

NPL Prolifestyle Redline range

The NPL Prolifestyle Series is designed for individuals who require a nutritional support system to amplify the results of an active lifestyle or achieve a toned physique through a healthy lifestyle. The Prolifestyle Redline range is designed to help you break through metabolic plateaus and exceed your previous weight management limits. The brand’s uncompromising quality standards ensure you always get performance nutrition you can trust. The Redline range includes various products, such as Whey Slim, a high protein nutritional shake with added Collagen; Digestive Enzymes and Pre & Pro Biotics; Shape and Tone, a stimulant-free fat burner; and Nighttime Burn, a 24-hour fat burner that decreases stress and anxiety.


Breaking a sweat? Then you need Nuun electrolyte replacement effervescent tablets. Nuun’s flagship sports drink product is made with plant-based ingredients, no artificial sweeteners – it’s sweetened with Stevia only – and is non-GMO-certified. It is packed with all 5 electrolytes, including chloride, and contains B vitamins. Some flavours contain 40mg of caffeine from organic green tea extract. Nuun Sport and Nuun Electrolytes are available in a range of non-caffeinated flavours, including Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Tropical, Citrus Fruit, Lemon Lime, Tri Berry, Grape, Orange, Strawberry Lemonade. Caffeinated flavours include Wild Berry, Cherry Limeade, Fresh Lime, Mango Orange.

Levrone Signature Series

The Levrone Signature Series is a revolutionary sports supplement brand created by bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone, with the assurance that optimal quality and rigorous science goes into every product.

Nuclear Nutrition

Nuclear Nutrition is committed to creating formulations of the highest calibre. No matter your aim, Nuclear Nutrition can help you gain an advantage and destroy your workouts.

BPI Sports

BPI Sports, founded in 2009, has rapidly grown to become a popular global sports nutrition brand. The company continues to build its reputation as one of the best in the industry with its effective, clean products.

Olimp range

Olimp was created more than 26 years ago with one aim in mind: to create a better quality of life and deliver strength, health and vitality to its customers. Today, thanks to intensive research, Olimp products contribute to a healthy lifestyle, including sporting activity, and supports a nutritious and balanced diet. In-depth knowledge, experience and cooperation with nutritional and supplement experts makes Olimp’s high quality and reliable products unique and extremely effective. The range currently available at Dis-Chem stores and online include Glutamine, L-Carnitine, Testoxeed and the Redweiler pre-training energy shot, which is available in Cola, Fruit Punch and Grape Fruit flavours.

Boody Active sustainable activewear

Aussie activewear brand Boody Active is an eco-friendly, ethical performance wear range inspired by simplicity and designed for sustainability. The collection uses certified organic bamboo-based fabrics, which is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. It is also thermo-regulating, which means wearers stay cool in summer and warm in winter. The Boody Active Collection offers the perfect amount of stretch and flexibility without being too thin. The brand sells exclusively through ‘purveyors of health’ such as Dis-Chem in over 15 countries.

Rock Tape

Address pain, treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain with RockTape’s premium kinesiology tape. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect to relieve swelling, which speeds recovery. The tape also increases awareness of your body position to help maintain proper posture and form. It is ultra-strong and sticky, with hypoallergenic adhesive, and is water-resistant, offering wear for up to 5 days.

USN Diet Fuel Vegan

USN Diet Fuel Vegan is the brand’s latest plant-based protein innovation. This low-GI nutrition shake contains a blend of pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, and rice protein concentrate, offering 21g of protein per serving. It is also rich in fibre to aid digestion and increase satiety. It’s the ideal product for any weight-loss plan and is available in Vanilla or Chocolate flavours.

New My Smart Way hot range

The super nutritious MySmart™ Way superfoods range now includes a delicious Skinny High Protein Hot Chocolate drink and a soup. It’s the smart way to indulge in a hot, tasty indulgence without the guilt. The hot chocolate drink is perfect to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings and contains no gluten, sodium or added sugar.

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