Runners now have a new way to collect and analyse their run data following the local launch of Under Armour’s Connected Fitness range.

Under Armour’s suite of high-performance UA HOVR™ running shoes were created to help runners improve. The connected shoes track a wide array of metrics, from basics like distance, pace and splits, to detailed running form data including cadence and stride length.

Virtual coach

Using this data, MapMyRun™ provides a personalised coaching experience to each athlete, helping each runner find their ideal running form.

New in 2019 is the Gait Coaching feature, which provides an in-depth analysis of a runner’s stride, so they can run with the least amount of effort and better manage their risk of injury.

Gait Coaching starts with a summary, showing the runner how their current form compares to their ideal form. Paired with coaching tips, the runner receives specific guidance to make adjustments and achieve their ideal form.

The coaching also goes deeper, providing a stride-by-stride analysis of the run. Runners see the paces and portions of the run where they hit their ideal form and where they can improve. This portion of the feature enables runners to analyse hard workouts like intervals, long runs or even races.

And since every runner wants to improve, the feature provides a historical view of running form data to quickly communicate if they are improving with each run.

Functional features

With the combination of the UA HOVR cushioning, personalised data and coaching, and a community of 245+ million people, Under Armour is able to provide a unique experience that actually makes runners better.

To create connected footwear, Under Armour has embedded a high-fidelity sensor in the midsole of the right-footed shoe that digitally connects seamlessly to the MapMyRun™ app via Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE). The sensor is fully protected from the elements and will last the lifetime of the shoe without needing a charge.

The Under Armour HOVR™ connected running shoe range is available in South Africa via Apollo Brands, the official local distributor of Under Armour.