Elite athletes fuel their bodies for optimal performance during hard training sessions and racing with expertly formulated supplements.

In this feature series, we took a peek into the nutrition pouch, pockets and bottles of some of South Africa’s best elite endurance athletes to find out their favourite high octane fuel sources.

Elite athlete focus: Christiaan Greyling

  • Sport: Trail running
  • Team: K-Way
  • Nutrition sponsor: Biogen
  • IG: @christiaangrey

Christiaan is one half of the formidable husband and wife Greyling team, with Landie also an accomplished elite international trail runner.

Christiaan boasts over 80 podium finishes in his career, including wins at the Otter African Trail Run, Skyrun 100km, African X Trailrun, Table Mountain Challenge and the Riano Trail Run in Spain. He was first at the Ultra Trail Cape Town 100km race in 2018 and placed second in the 65km in 2019.

The pockets of Christiaan’s hydration pack and nutrition pouch include:

Biogen Plant Based Protein: A dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan protein powder sourced from pea and rice protein and enhanced with bamboo fibre to aid digestion.

Biogen Real Fruit Energy Gels: Provides a convenient and tasty immediate energy boost solution made using real fruit with natural flavours and no added sucrose. Christiaan prefers the Coffee flavour.

Biogen Plant Based Protein Bar: A great way to refuel and repair muscles 10 g of plant protein per bar. Made with whole food ingredients.

Biogen Electrolyte Plus: A preservative-free effervescent hypotonic electrolyte mix that replaces electrolytes to aid endurance performance solution.