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Fill your nutritional gaps the smart (and tasty!) way Fill your nutritional gaps the smart (and tasty!) way
In the context of modern diets, convenience has become a byword for poor quality, overly processed foods. But a new brand is out to... Fill your nutritional gaps the smart (and tasty!) way

In the context of modern diets, convenience has become a byword for poor quality, overly processed foods. But a new brand is out to change that perception.

MySmart™ Way offers a range of products where the super nutritious goodness of superfoods have been condensed into convenient bars, powders, effervescent tablets and drops. Sounds smart, right?

Smart nutrition

Well, it is. It’s optimal nutrition delivered the smart way, and it’s now available at Dis-Chem stores and online at www.dischem.co.za.

The delicious MySmart™ Way superfoods range will help you plug the nutritional gaps that exist in the modern-day diet to keep you healthy and functioning optimally. The range includes:

My Smart™ Colour bars

The three vegan-friendly bars in this range contain prebiotic fibre to maintain beneficial gut microbiota and keep your digestive system healthy. They’re also high in fibre and protein to keep you feeling full for longer.

And you won’t find any ‘nasties’ like sugar or artificial sweeteners in these bars. The Greens Energy Bar, Blacks Detox Bar and Reds Immunity Bar are all filled with nutritious and wholesome superfoods for a delicious, smart snack!

MySmart™ Effervescent tablets

If chewing isn’t your thing and you prefer to down your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and superfoods, you can optimise your health and meet your nutritional needs with a convenient, delicious and refreshing drink made with MySmart™ Effervescent tablets.

There are four different colours of MySmart™ Effervescents – each packed with different superfoods that have unique functions. All colours of MySmart™ Effervescents are vegan-friendly and contain no added sugar.

Black Detox tablets contain 7 potent superfoods such as activated charcoal to enhance the detoxification of the body and boost digestive health, beetroot juice powder to boost immune function, goji berry to reduces inflammation and enhance mental alertness, and bilberry to further enhance detoxification and improve blood flow.

The Red Immunity effervescent is loaded with 11 superfoods, including beetroot juice powder, acai berry, baobab powder, guava powder and Hytolive powder®, among others. It is high in vitamin C and contains antioxidants to boost immunity and promote health.

The Greens Energy effervescent is a source of B-vitamins and contains 12 superfoods, including turmeric, nettle leaf extract, spinach powder, green tea, spirulina, moringa extract, tomato powder, cinnamon extract, carrot and elderberry. It is specifically formulated to enhance energy levels and optimise digestion.

The Yellow Digestion effervescent is high in vitamin C and antioxidants and are formulated with 8 superfoods, such as ginger extract and turmeric, carrot, banana, mango, orange, lemon powder and tomato powders to enhance digestive health and immunity.

MySmart™ Raw Plant Protein

This dairy-free, vegan-friendly 100% raw plant protein formulation contains QuinoaTRIM™, , a gluten-free extract of organic quinoa is included in the formulation to enhance protein and amino acid absorption while creating a smooth, great texture, with less than 1g of sugar. It will keep you fuller for longer and accelerate your metabolic rate to contribute to the creation of a lean, healthy physique.

The protein in Raw Plant Protein is provided by rice and pea protein concentrate – both highly bioavailable sources of protein. Each scoop contains 20g of protein and 3g of naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids for lean muscle maintenance and recovery, along with 5.1g of low GI carbohydrates, and MCT oil. It is also high in fibre.

Raw Plant Protein contains no added soy and is dairy-free, making it easier to digest and suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or sensitivity. The addition of prebiotics in the form of isomalto-oligosaccharides, further enhances digestive health by maintaining beneficial gut microbiota. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.

MySmart™ Infusion Drops

Energy Infusion drops are the ideal way to boost energy levels and stay hydrated. The drops contain 30mg of caffeine to enhance energy, focus and concentration, and B-vitamins to increase energy levels, boost nutrient metabolism and enhance nerve function. They’re available in Blackberry Pop, Blueberry & Lemon and Citrus flavours.

The MySmart™ Weight Management Infusion drops are delicious, refreshing flavour infusions for your water which enhance weight loss and weight management with these drops, which contain 100 mg of Garcinia Cambogia to enhance appetite control and 100mg of L-Carnitine to accelerate fat loss. Available in Pomegranate & Apple, Cherry, and Lemon & Lime flavours.

Both products are packaged in a convenient dropper to fit right into your handbag and lifestyle and make it easier to get your water intake in. The drops are aspartame-free and do not contain sugar or kilojoules.

MySmart™ high protein chocolate bar

Treat your taste buds with the new, delicious High Protein Chocolate Bar. It’s made with real cocoa and vanilla bean extract for a rich, chocolate taste.

Each 50g bar contains 10.2g of protein from whey and milk proteins, with only 8.8g of impact carbohydrates to keep your waistline in check.

It also offers a source of fibre to keep you regular, stabilise blood sugar levels and enhance digestive health.

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