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Fit Deal - Amino Force August

Primal Amino Force – 340g / Assorted

Per Serving:

  • 4.8 g BCAAs
  • 200 mg Caffeine

An amino acid energy drink that has been formulated through innovative and cutting-edge science to increase energy, enhance mental focus, maximise performance, and improve muscle recovery.

R229.95 (incl vat)

Fit Deal Mass Gain August

Primal Mass Gain – 4kg / Assorted

Per Serving:

  • 1284 Calories
  • 251 g Carbohydrates
  • 4.2 g Fat
  • 54 g Protein

Formulated using high-quality whey protein concentrate, with a triple action carb blend including maltodextrin, brown rice powder and ground oatmeal powder to deliver serious calories and build serious mass. Added Tolerase assists with digestion.

R379.95 (incl vat)

Fit Deal Mass Gain August
Fit Deal - Whey Protein August

Primal Whey Protein – 2kg / Assorted

Per Serving:

  • 114 Calories
  • 3 g Carbohydrates
  • 21 g Protein

Contains a triple-action blend of whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate, with high levels of BCAAs to assist with muscle repair and maintenance. Added Digezyme® provides a multi-enzyme complex to assist with better digestion and absorption.

R799.95 (incl vat)