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This is how EVOX fuels WP Rugby

11 Oct 2021|

The physical demands of professional rugby are immense. Completing multiple training sessions a day, along with intense weight training in the gym and high-impact games

Protein absorption rates explained

11 Oct 2021|

Not all proteins are created equal. For instance, animal proteins have a complete amino acid profile, while many plant-based sources do not. So optimise your

Sports Tape – Get Strapped for Success

05 Oct 2021|

Modern life isn’t always conducive to optimal movement. Hours spent sitting or inactive often creates biomechanical issues which can cause injuries. Poor biomechanics also impacts

10 ways to get stronger now

27 Sep 2021|

A stronger bodybuilder is generally a bigger bodybuilder. The ability to lift more weight stimulates a greater anabolic (muscle-building) response, when you follow the correct

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