Becoming a strongman champion requires a real passion for the sport and unwavering dedication to training.

NPL ambassador and SA u/105kg strongman champion, Blake Anthony Louwrens epitomises the dedication required to reach the pinnacle of the sport as he subjects his body to gruelling training on a regular basis.

“I constantly need to take my performance to the next level. Arriving at the gym unprepared could wreak havoc on my training. The same goes for my supplement regimen.

“I have to prepare properly ahead of every session to deliver optimal strength and performance. I achieve this with my go-to NPL supplement stack, which also delivers quality lean gains and muscle recovery.”

Covering all the bases

This stack provides everything Blake needs to ensure his body remains primed and keeps his muscles in an anabolic state for optimal performance.

This stack has truly helped me put on lean mass as quickly as possible. It also provides raw energy before and endurance during my workout, and a satisfying post-workout shake with a perfectly balanced ratio of protein and carbs to fuel muscles and kick-start recovery.”

NPL N.O. Charge Ultra X6

This pre-workout is an intense testosterone-boosting product that will prime you for the gym and you’ll never want to leave. This formula jacks up your strength for the best lifts and also leaves me feeling revitalised after training by replacing all the necessary electrolytes lost during intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

NPL Test Charge Ultra

This is an intense product that really impressed me. Test Charge not only increases natural testosterone production but also makes more efficient use of your body’s freely-available total testosterone. This amplifies the positive effects of this potent anabolic hormone. It also keeps oestrogen levels low to enhance overall fat loss and gives your muscles a harder, more sculpted look. This is, without a doubt, a staple in my supplement regimen to aid quality muscle gains.

NPL Elite Pro Series Elite Gainer

This high-calorie shake supplies high biological value proteins in the form of whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, along with caseinate and egg albumen. These are the most advanced muscle-building proteins available. It’s further fortified with a scientifically-formulated, specialised amino-, anabolic and performance stack, together with a complete vitamin profile. This comprehensive formulation keeps your body in an anabolic state, while also supporting strenuous workouts, optimising recovery and enhancing lean muscle and strength gains.