Boost your body and boost your mind through regular fitness training.

We all know that regular training is associated with a more toned body, but what many tend to forget is that regular exercise also improves mental health.

Whether you are looking to finally get moving and own those New Year’s resolutions or simply looking to go back to basics, these beginner fitness workouts will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks in no time.

Workout 1: Full body band workout

The constant tension requires muscle activation on the contraction (concentric) and the extension (eccentric) movement phases. And they don’t place the same stress on joints as dumbbells and kettlebells do. 

They also come in various strengths, offering different degrees of resistance from ‘light’ to ‘heavy’. This ensures a broad application across activities and makes them ideal for inclusion in any holistic training program. 

You’ll need:

Resistance bands