It’s been three years since Fundiswa used Herbex to attack the fat and lose 24kg in just nine months and, thanks to Herbex, she’s managed to keep the weight off!

Following her pregnancy in 2011, Fundiswa had gained significant weight and weighed 75kg. More worryingly, she was experiencing health problems.

I was constantly sick and suffered from chronically high blood pressure. Doctors told me that my excess weight was to blame, so I decided to do something about it.”

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Lifestyle transformation

In January 2017. Fundiswa cut out alcohol, changed her diet and joined a gym. She also discovered Herbex products, choosing Herbex Attack The Fat Mix n Drink and Herbex Attack The Fat Syrup as part of her body transformation.

The products complemented my new lifestyle and worked well. I saw changes to my body within weeks and continued to lose weight. I also had more energy, felt healthier, and my skin condition improved substantially.”

Since losing the weight, Fundiswa has become more confident and regained her self-esteem. “I have never been happier or healthier,” she says.

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Maintain those gains

And I have managed to maintain my new lifestyle. My routine currently includes gym sessions 2-3 times a week, regular high-intensity home workouts.”

Fundiswa also keeps to her clean eating plan, which includes three wholesome meals a day and loads of veggies and lean proteins.

Egg salads are a regular favourite of mine. I keep cheat meals for weekends – chicken wings are my go-to option.”

While Fundiswa admits that lockdown proved challenging, she believes the healthful habits she established during her transformation helped her safely navigate her way through the cravings and the lack of motivation that so many experienced due to lockdown cabin fever.

I started doing regular home workouts when gyms were closed and still really enjoy them. My skipping rope is my go-to workout. It has been easy to stick to my active lifestyle because I truly love exercise.”

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The Herbex factor

And Fundiswa kept using Herbex Attack The Fat Mix n Drink and Syrup daily. She also added Herbex Fat Burn Herbal Tea to her daily plan.

These Herbex products have helped me maintain my weight at 51kg for over three years now,” explains Fundiswa.

Everyone can achieve their weight loss goals and keep the weight off with help from Herbex. Thank you, Herbex for changing my life!”

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Fundiswa’s Herbex supplement stack