If you weren’t able to beat the lockdown deadline to buy yourself a resistance band, medicine ball or kettlebell for your daily workouts at home, here are a few fun and innovative ways you can add some weight to your training.

Water weights

If you’ve stocked up on bottled water, don’t wait for an emergency to put your purchase to good use. As 1 litre of water equals 1 kilo, a 5-litre bottle can be a suitable substitute for a dumbbell or kettlebell.

While it’s not as functional due to a lack of a proper handle, you can perform movements like deadlifts, curls or goblet squat variations. Just hold on tight so that you don’t make a mess.

A packed bag

Don’t let your trusted gym bag sit idly by as you forge on with your fitness. Put it to good use by packing it full with items that will add weight for extra resistance – think books, magazines, food items or anything else that will add weight.

In fact, this makeshift exercise tool might be your best bet for staying in shape during the lockdown. Pack a backpack for back squats, load up a duffel bag for deadlifts, a suitcase for floor presses, or tog bag for offset farmer carries.

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The wall

Ever heard of isometric exercise? Well, perhaps it’s time you added a few to your routine. These exercises entail holding a sustained contraction of a particular muscle or group of muscles.

You’re probably already doing a few, like planks or glute bridges, but you can add some variety by using the wall as an additional contact point.

Here are a few exercise options:

  • Static squat hold
  • Wall sit
  • Wall push-up
  • Running man wall pose

The furniture

The lockdown is the perfect time to break that cardinal household rule – don’t climb on the furniture!

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so pull out that dining table chair for a few dips, or pop your feet up on the couch for a few sets of decline push-ups.

A chair against the wall also offers an ideal platform for box jumps and other plyometric movements.

Your family

Get the kids involved by including them in your workout. They can also add some resistance to your training by climbing your back for squats or push-ups or holding onto your arms during curls.

workout with kids

A towel

Believe it or not, but a towel is one of the most versatile home items because you can use it in so many ways.

Either hold onto one end with one hand to resist against the pull of the other for a serious isometric workout, or ask a family member to pull or hang from it for an even more intense workout.

This is ideal for rows, curls or tricep extensions.

You can also lay a few curled gym towels down on the floor to make an agility ladder.