Men’s Physique athletes generally sport one of the more aspirational physiques in the bodybuilding world.

These modern-day Adonis’s don’t carry as much muscle mass as their bigger bodybuilder counterparts, yet are just as lean. Their balance of muscle size, symmetry and conditioning makes their aesthetic extremely appealing to a broader segment in society.

That’s not to say that creating this look is easier than that of a big bodybuilder, though Men’s Physique competitors also follow a strict diet and rigorous training routine, which are complemented with a comprehensive supplement plan.

Expert insights from a champion

To get the inside scoop on what it takes to craft a body worthy of the Men’s Physique line-up, we spoke to rising star and 2019 PCA Pro-Am champion, Mickael Davis.

“People always asks me how many hours of training they should average a week to get bigger and more defined. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer because requirements will vary depending on various factors.”

However, there are certain basic principles that are non-negotiable for anyone attempting to build muscle and shred fat in the gym.

If you want to get serious about building a better body, you need to execute your nutrition and training plans with military precision. While your training splits and nutrition regimen will vary based on your specific goals, be it gunning for gains (bulking) or shredding fat (cutting), you need to get the basics right.”

Keep it old-school in the weights room

In this regard, Mickael sticks to the old-school bodybuilding mentality of isolating each muscle group according to a five-day cycle.

 His weekly workout split consists of:

  • Day 1: Chest & triceps
  • Day 2: Legs
  • Day 3: Back & biceps
  • Day 4: Shoulders
  • Day 5: Rest
  • Repeat cycle

If I want to grow a certain muscle group, I’ll introduce a second workout on the sixth day. My workouts last between 60-90 minutes. Taking longer either means you’re not pushing yourself hard enough, or your transition periods between exercises are too long,” adds Mickael.

A potent supplement plan

Mickael uses Evox supplements to help refine and chisel his physique. “On a typical day, I wake up at 4:30am and take a multivitamin, along with Evox Acceler8 Advanced HD for that extra thermo-boost.”

Mickael always drinks Evox Iso-Frost Whey Isolate on an empty stomach before his training sessions.

Iso-Frost Whey is a clean and pure form of whey protein. It has all the amino acids I need to support muscle growth, and it’s also easy on my digestive system – it’s not milky or creamy. Consuming a drink this early in the morning means I need something that is light and fruity, which is exactly what Evox Iso-Frost delivers. It’s an amazing product, and with only 1g of carbs and no added sugar, it’s ideal for anyone who follows a balanced, lean diet.”

Before he leaves the house, Mickael grabs another one of his favourite Evox products, BCAA & EAA Amino Energy. “I sip on it while driving to the gym for an extra energy boost before I hit the gym. It also helps to limit muscle loss, and aids recovery during my cardio session.”

Mickael normally spends about 45-60 minutes on the treadmill and then hits a 15-minute ab workout in the morning.

I always sip on Evox Alpha Amino Elite during my workout to keep me going. After my workout, I immediately mix up another scoop of Evox Iso-Frost to boost my recovery, before heading off to my 8-5 job.”

Pre-workout power up

After a solid day at the office, Mickael heads back to the gym for his weights session. 30 minutes before weight training Mickael takes:

After he’s knocked out the last rep of his session, Mickael combines 2 scoops of Evox Advanced Whey Protein with ice-cold water in his Evox shaker.

It’s the perfect way to fuel my muscles with quality protein after training to maximise recovery, which is ultimately how you build a body like a Men’s Physique athlete.”