Identifying the 3 aspects to keeping your gains is the first priority – nutrition, training, and supplementation. We ask around the fitness community and find out what competitive athletes are doing in their approach to maintain their physique during this period.

This is a challenging time for most, but even more so for the bodybuilding and fitness community who’ve spent months preparing for upcoming shows.

We catch up with a few athletes on the local competitive scene to find out how they’re approaching the national shut down, as well as what they’re doing to maintain all their hard work – from home.

Biogen athlete and classic physique competitor, Rudy Mahabeer says that just because the country is on lockdown doesn’t mean your goals are too. As an athlete and a genuine fitness enthusiast, Rudy wants to encourage people at home to get off their rear end, and to active. Sign up for a fitness challenge or look at setting up a 3 week transformation perhaps – take the time to challenge yourself.

Rudy on nutrition:

Dieting at home is a lot more challenging for me. My master plan is to pack all my meals into containers, the night before, as I would if I were going to work – and only eating from my packed meals during the day.

My goal is to lean-bulk, adding quality muscle mass to my frame, whilst maintaining a bodyfat percentage of 12-15%.

The plan is to increase my carb intake around my workouts, but following an intermittent fasting approach to ensure my metabolic rate doesn’t decrease by much.

I will have 5 meals a day – starting at 10 a.m and ending at 9 p.m. My calorie intake may vary, depending on whether i’ve done cardio for the day – ranging between 2800-3800 calories per day.

Rudy’s training plan:

I’m actually pretty excited to try out some home workouts. I plan on setting up a cardio grid in my backyard; lots of sprints, tyre flips, lunges, squats, step ups, push-ups, pull-ups and rows.

Focusing on full-body workouts , 5 times a week. I’m keen to get a creative with it – you really don’t need heavy weights to have a hardcore workout.

Rudy supplementing for gains:

Supplementing is the most convenient and effective way of ensuring my gains stay loyal. My stack is designed around my goal of lean-bulking during these 21 days at home.

  • Biogen Whey Isolate: Either in a breakfast smoothie or added to my cooked oats – there’s no way I’m going 21 days without my whey.
  • Biogen Rage Aminos: Intra-workout essential to prevent muscle breakdown.
  • Biogen Creatine: Adding muscle mass and getting me through explosive workouts.
  • Biogen Rage Testo: Natural testosterone booster to boost my recovery and promote lean muscle gains.
  • Biogen Daily Wellness Pack: All-in-one essential pack, with Omega 3, multivitamin, and probiotic – everything I need to be my best.
  • Biogen Vitamin C: 1000mg 3 times a day to boost my immune system.

NPL athlete and bodybuilder, Khulekani Sibiya has been thriving on the local competitive bodybuilding scene for a while now, and he has no intention on slowing down during these 21 days. Working online from 8-5, fitting in his meals, prepping, and training in-between; K.K. seems to have it all planned out.

Dieting to stay lean:

K.K. says that all systems are go on this front. He will continue to keep his metabolism ticking over with his standard 5-6 meals a day; however, he will amend his macronutrients to compensate for the changes in lifestyle. “I have adapted my diet plan, reducing my carb intake, and increasing my fats and proteins. I’m also capping my daily calories at 2500 calories per day – to ensure I maintain a low body fat percentage.”, says K.K.


K.K. on supplementation:
  • NPL Vita-Pack: My daily vitamin pack, probably one of the most convenient ways of making sure my body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  • NPL Platinum Whey: A scoop of whey with my oats to get my day off to the best start.
  • NPL liquid L-carnitine: A shot of L-carnitine for an energy boost and to help keep my body fat relatively low.
  • NPL Amino Pro: Getting my amino acids in are vital to help me preserve my muscle mass and prevent muscle breakdown.

K.K. be following a 4-day training split

  • DAY 1: Back and abs
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: Chest, biceps and abs
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Leg day (quads, glutes, and hamstrings)
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Shoulders, triceps, and abs

All K.K’s workouts will be bodyweight training, with added resistance by using resistance bands as well. He advises that instead of spending your time looking for things around the house to pick up – rather look up bodyweight exercises online – focusing on form, blood manipulation and intensity.

Mickael Davis, Evox Sports Nutrition brand ambassador and muscular physique competitor, aims to not let the tough times we face get the better of him. “During these 21 days of lockdown, it is my duty to maintain my healthy lifestyle”, says Mickael.

Mickael on nutrition and supplementation:

My plan is to keep it simple; eating clean and supplementing to ensure all my nutritional needs are met. For instance, my go-to breakfast includes a cup of oats, 2 scoops of Evox Advanced Whey protein, a handful of berries or half a banana, topped off with a drizzle of honey.

My classic shred combo will definitely come to good use these next 21 days, helping me manage my weight, support my metabolism and breakdown fat storage.

Supplementing with vitamins during this time is vital. To boost my immune system, I’ll be taking vitamin C, D and B12, as well as Zinc – daily.

Keeping my muscle cells hydrated during my intense home workouts is crucial to keeping my gains. I’ll be using my Evox Amino Elite as an intra-workout to replenish electrolytes, avoid catabolism and boost my recovery.

Mickael on training:

I’ll be following a home workout plan to maintain size and strength. I have a yoga mat, medicine ball, a 20kg dumbbell set, and resistance bands at my disposal; so there’s no excuse for not training. Bodyweight is also more than enough – it just requires a little more imagination to work all muscle groups.

My training split will be as follows:

  • Monday – chest and triceps
  • Tuesday – Back and biceps
  • Wednesday – Legs
  • Thursday – Shoulders and abs
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Full body, compound bodyweight training
  • Sunday – Rest

The 21 day lockdown period will be a challenging time for all South Africans, but why not take the opportunity to work towards a goal. Fitness is a lifestyle; make the most out of an unfortunate situation by incorporating healthy habits, daily. Get moving, and get active.