Melissa is an NPL-sponsored fitfluencer who has used fitness and a healthy lifestyle to overcome her anxiety and depression.

“Last year I was overwhelmed by studies and personal matters at home, which took a toll on my physical and mental health. To cope, I turned to food for comfort and was reluctant to exercise, which resulted in weight gain. This made matters worse because my confidence levels dropped even lower and my self-esteem took a knock.”

To get out of this terrible headspace, Melissa decided to focus her energies on improving herself and her circumstances.

By implementing a fitness plan in my life and consistently eating healthily, I was able to think a lot clearer about how my life was progressing and what steps I needed to take to live a life I’m happy with. I found great support in my NPL family, and the supplements helped to keep me motivated in the gym and the kitchen.”

These are the supplements that Melissa used to maintain her drive to change her lifestyle for the better and achieve her goals:

NPL Platinum Whey

An excellent source of the highest quality protein available on the market today.

“This product helped me to lose a tremendous amount of weight and increase lean muscle. I drink Platinum Whey after a workout or use it in a smoothie for breakfast. All the flavours are so yummy, which makes it an excellent guilt-free treat to have any time of the day or night. My favourite flavours are Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake, but if I’m craving something chocolatey, I’ll make a smoothie or protein balls with the Malted Milk Chocolate flavour, which tastes just like Milo.”

NPL Amino Burn

This pre-workout comes in a variety of tasty, fruity flavours, including Summer Berries, Fruit Bliss and Kiwi Strawberry.

“It’s one of my favourite NPL products. I’ll sip on Amino Burn before training, or during the day to keep my energy levels up. It’s an amazing energy drink that boosts my mental focus without the crash experienced with other pre-workout supplements. If you’re trying to lose fat while preserving lean muscle, or need an energy boost during your day, then Amino Burn is the perfect fit. The powerful fat-burning properties of Amino Burn also helped me to quickly shed those excess pounds.”

NPL Thermo Cuts

Thermo Cuts is an advanced thermogenic, mood-enhancing and energy-activating fat burner that is scientifically-formulated with key synergistic ingredients to boost energy levels and target fat cells.

Thermo Cuts speeds up my metabolism and suppresses my appetite. I take 2-3 capsules twice a day, which keeps my cravings at bay and makes me feel energised throughout the day. In the past, other fat-burners made me feel uneasy or anxious, but because of NPL’s Non-Proprietary Blend policy, I know exactly what I’m putting into my body. There are no unnatural or overwhelming amounts of caffeine, so I don’t feel jittery or uneasy.”