Optimise performance by improving your mobility.

Forget stretching! Mobility and foam rolling are the best ways to reduce your injury risk
Modern life is often a contrast of extremes – we either sit idle at a desk working hard for eight hours a day or we’re outside training intensely to push our boundaries and achieve our goals.

This leaves little time for the in-between ‘stuff’, like regular movement throughout the day or a proper warm-up that helps our body transition from its tight, chair-moulded form to an agile and efficient machine ready to go all out during a sprint or hill training session.

Workout 1: Activate before you participate

Dynamic mobility drills help to switch neural pathways that prepare the body for the movements that follow. These drills can also ‘re-teach’ the body how to move more effectively.

The key is to perform the correct mobilisation drills for your specific activity. There are, however, common areas we can all focus on, whether you’re a runner, cyclist or swimmer, to unlock and free the joints affected most by our modern lifestyles.

You’ll need:

  1. Yoga mat
  2. Foam roller