The thought of entering a transformation challenge had never crossed Carmi Walker’s mind, until her best friend Chantell Ashleigh made the brave decision to enter.

I first heard about the BodyGoals Transformation Challenge when my bestie told me about it. And I thought, why not?” That’s when the Girls Gone Workout (@girls_goneworkout) duo was officially created.

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The perfect opportunity for change

Carmi explains that she had been trying to lose weight for a while but was never really motivated and did not really know where to start.

This challenge was amazing because the exercise plan was already set out for us and it was super fun and easy to follow,” explains Carmi.

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Feeding her food passion

And don’t get me started on those meals! They were all delicious!”

As a serious foodie, the fact that she could still eat delicious meals was a huge bonus.

Following the BodyGoals Transformation Challenge has helped me introduce healthier eating habits into my lifestyle as I have learned to prep my food in advance.”

And Carmi attributes this meal prep to her ultimate success. “I have never really prepped meals before so getting into that groove took a bit of planning on my side, but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.”

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Pushing through to success

In terms of training, Carmi says she initially struggled with the next-day muscle soreness and stiffness.

But once I pushed through it, with some help and motivation from my bestie, it got so much easier,” recalls Carmi.

And seeing the process through has delivered amazing results for Carmi. “I started out weighing 72.8 kilos and I now weigh 60.8 kilos. And my waist has gone from 95 cm to 71 cm.”

These results helped Carmi and Chantell secure the title of BodyGoals Transformation Challenge winners for team Girls Gone Workout!

Carmi used her prize money to replace a broken washing machine, and buy a stove and oven for her home and an iPad for her business. “I am saving the rest,” she adds.

Carmi continues to follow the BodyGoals eating plan and fitness programme as she really loves the approach!

  1. Favourite BodyGoals meal: The smoothie breakfasts. They are not too heavy but still filling.
  2. Top transformation tip: Don’t wait for one day. Make your one day today! Life is too short to wait and you don’t want to live with regrets.
  3. Instagram: @mrs_carmi_walker