Online lifestyle coach, Bikini athlete and NPL-sponsored athlete Veronique Mitchell knows how to transform the female physique.

‘Vee’ has loads of experience, both from her own efforts in the competitive space and the many successful transformations she has achieved with her VM Fitness ‘vixens’.

When I started competing, I focused on restrictive diets and tons of cardio. That combination really didn’t work for me and actually ended up demotivating me.”

Vee decided that she needed professional guidance to achieve her goals, so she signed up with a coach.

He taught me how to train, prep and eat in a way that helped my body as well as my mind. It was a more sustainable approach for me!”

Finding her fit

Following this experience, Vee realised that there are many ways to reach your goals. “More importantly, you don’t need to be restrictive! You just have to find what works best for your body, as well as your mind and life. Your mindset and routine also play huge roles because they are affected by whatever you do.”

And as someone with her athletic background, Vee realised that making the right choices and finding the best approach was challenging for all women.

Other ladies kept asking me how I managed to achieve my goals and transform my body. I understood how it felt to reach my own goals and knew I could help other women achieve that same feeling.”

The need and demand for help and guidance were clear, which prompted Vee to become a transformation coach.

I started by researching education institutions to pursue my goal to become a coach.”

The VM Fitness approach

Vee has since developed a balanced, non-restrictive approach for all her transformation plans, which she says works beautifully when clients trust the process.

In the context of Vee’s approach, balance means being able to go out with her friends, have a good meal, or have a drink without feeling guilty or stressed that it will hinder her progress.

When meal plans become restrictive, it creates stress in our minds because we cannot stop thinking about the foods that we’re ‘not allowed’. I don’t limit foods or cut carbs. These methods aren’t necessary when creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Vee defines a healthful diet as an eating plan that provides the body with the correct nutrition.

It’s not about consuming too little or too much. It should be something that is maintainable and, in turn, benefits your health and body. It should also fit into your lifestyle, with small calorie allowances to enjoy the foods you love. Restriction does not equate to health. We just need the right mindset when it comes to our plates and how we treat ourselves when we eat certain foods.”

Ultimately, Vee applies the 80/20 rule to her life. “That entails eating clean, training well and doing things that are good for my health 80% of the time. The remaining 20% is left for treating myself.”

Vee’s daily supplement plan:

Vixen mind trick

But Vee’s holistic approach extends beyond just food and fitness. “I believe in making healthy choices and in moving your body in ways you love – not everyone is drawn to the same style of training, so find what works best for you!”

And it is this focus on the mindset that sets up Vee’s clients for success.

The transformation process requires a full revolutionary change of mind, body and soul. If someone wants to transform, I will make sure that they become happier and stronger mentally as well. I aim to help my clients believe in themselves and create a life they love!”

In this regard, Vee works with an NLP mindset coach who coaches her clients and hosts weekly live chats where clients can ask questions, which in turn supports their physical and mental transformation.

And travelling this journey with her clients and watching them evolve into their highest selves is the most amazing reward as a coach, affirms Vee. “It’s what I enjoy most about my job.”

Vee’s top tips

For anyone who plans to make 2021 the year they change their body and lifestyle, Vee shares some of her expert insights and advice.

Be kind to yourself when starting your new journey. We often don’t see how our body is changing because we look at it in the mirror and weigh ourselves every day. While it’s understandable that you’re excited about the transformation, your weight is not the only way to track your progress.”

Vee relies on progress photos and measurements more than weigh-ins because the scale doesn’t provide a comprehensive picture.

The scale doesn’t tell you how much of that weight is fat or muscle. And when we work out, we can lose fat and gain muscle so the scale might not move.”

She also cautions against applying someone else’s routine and method to achieve your goal. “You need to find what works for your body and your mind! That’s the recipe to success.”

From a diet perspective, Vee says success boils down to making the right choices. “Give yourself allowances – don’t cut out things you love. Simply limit them. And be patient. This is something you want to do sustainably so that you can maintain the bod and the lifestyle!”

About Vee

  • Lives: Greenstone Hill, Gauteng
  • Qualifications: BA Graphic Design, BA Honours Brand Communications, Certificate in Specialised Nutrition
  • Sponsors: NPL, Trifocus Academy, Petit Papillon, Blu Cherry Hair, Sun Kissed Tanning Salon, Mindful Body Massage, Mind Your Hero

How Vee trains

I change up my training based on my timetable for the week. I always complete an intense leg session with personal trainer Andrew Raath once a week – it’s definitely the hardest session of the week!”

Her coach includes lower body training three times a week (quads, hamstrings and glutes).

Her remaining sessions are split into:

  • Back
  • Chest and calves
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps and triceps

Vee also enjoys HIIT sessions. “I love pushing my body as hard as I can! And I enjoy yoga and hiking on the weekends. I used to do boxing too, but my schedule is just too hectic right now.”

Vee’s personal nutrition approach

When Vee is prepping for a show, she eats foodstuffs like chicken, egg whites, tuna, oats, rice, couscous, sweet potato, lots of veggies (mixed, pumpkin, asparagus), avocado, nut butter, and whey protein.

When I am not prepping, I focus on intuitive eating and making healthy choices. Basically, I adapt to my day depending on where I am and what I’m doing. I will always make a healthier choice because it makes my body feel good. But don’t get me wrong, I still love my pizza and chocolate! I have a small serving of something I enjoy each day when I am not prepping, but I won’t go overboard.”