As more people become aware of the importance of improving their health and fitness, they are becoming stricter with their diet and gym regimens.

While the focus is predominantly on weight management and physical fitness as both contribute to overall health, mouth health is often ignored. This is concerning because poor oral health can lead to several broader health problems.

Highlighting the link between heart & gum health

Unhealthy gums have been linked to poor heart health. Research indicates that good dental hygiene shows a correlation with better heart health.

Poor gum health is caused by plaque build-up that, if left unaddressed, becomes hardened tartar, which teems with germs. As a result, gums around the base of the teeth become irritated and inflamed.

Worryingly, inflammation is an underlying problem in health issues, including heart problems1, which can be caused by the narrowing or blockage of important blood vessels.

Higher infection rates

Germs can also enter your bloodstream due to poor gum health. Gums are made up of blood vessels and when your mouth is filled with germs and you disrupt the gum layer, germs can enter the bloodstream.

The germs can then travel anywhere and cause inflammation throughout the body. This can cause damage to blood vessels, including those of the heart.

Research also shows that people with the highest levels of germs that cause poor gum health are also prone to hardening of the arteries.

If the germs that cause the infection are not eliminated or reduced, the chronic inflammation can gradually thicken artery walls throughout the body, which can cause blocked arteries.

Boost gum health with the right toothpaste

The right toothpaste can boost whole-mouth health. Chronic, systemic inflammation strains the immune system because the body’s inflammatory response to gum health can trigger other inflammatory health problems, such as heart health, diabetes and kidney failure, and cause arteries to swell.

Help improve your gum health by using a fluoride toothpaste that increases whole mouth health, such as new Colgate Total®, which helps fight germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for up to 12 hours*.

So make teeth brushing with a suitable toothpaste that provides complete oral health care part of your healthy, fitness-focused lifestyle to keep your heart beating strong and maintain overall wellbeing.