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Hein becomes a new man in 12 weeks thanks to USN Hein becomes a new man in 12 weeks thanks to USN
The USN Body Makeover Challenge has become a body and lifestyle transformation institution in South Africa over the years. The challenge provides a complete... Hein becomes a new man in 12 weeks thanks to USN

The USN Body Makeover Challenge has become a body and lifestyle transformation institution in South Africa over the years.

The challenge provides a complete step-by-step solution and includes everything you need to transform your body and your life in just 12 weeks.

While the transformation plan, which you can download from the USN website, combined with the supplements you can buy from Dis-Chem has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off, the transformation journey seems to impart so much more value.

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Exercise-less lifestyle

One of the most recent South Africans to use this guide to transform their life is Heinrich Squire from the Eastern Cape.

When Hein swapped his sporty lifestyle for unchecked eating and drinking, he slowly picked up weight over the course of 10 years.

I ate way too much unhealthy fast food and consumed way too much alcohol, with zero exercise or physical outdoor activities.”

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Ride to nowhere

The full extent of his descent into “lazy couch potato” mode became evident one day when he decided to go for a mountain bike ride.

When I started riding up the first little hill it seemed like I was climbing a mountain. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!”

Hein ended up pushing the bike back to his house. He felt embarrassed that he had let himself go and after further introspection, realised that his lifestyle was also negatively affecting his relationships.

That is when I decided I had to do something about my life, my health and my fitness, starting with my lifestyle and my weight.”

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A better man

Hein cut out the alcohol and started to repair his damaged relationships with his wife, son and other family members.

I wanted to become a good example of how to live healthily and be happy doing it.

He replaced the bad, damaging habits with good, healthy and constructive alternatives. This lifestyle overhaul included another attempt at the USN Body Makeover Challenge.

I had tried the challenge years ago but did not really take it seriously because my motivation was not right then. I knew that it worked, though, because I had seen the fantastic life-changing results that previous entrants achieved over the years.”

This time around, Hein knew why he was doing it and was ready for success. He found the program easy to follow and liked that the eating and training plans are so adaptable.

For example, the substitution food list provided by USN allows you to try different food combinations until you find what works for you, which makes it easier to eat healthfully on a daily basis without feeling like you’re on a diet.

This is great because you can change things to suit you. And there is always support available via Facebook or the phone. You quickly figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, which is when you start seeing results!”

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Mobile gym

It wasn’t all easy going, though. As a salesman, Hein is on the road a lot, which create challenges around meal prep and regular gym sessions.

I cover a large region, which means I don’t stay more than two days at a time in one town when visiting clients.”

His solution was to follow the intermittent fasting eating plan in the diet guide and to take gym equipment with him.

I packed two 10kg dumbbells, push up bars, resistance bands and running shoes in my car and took them with me wherever I went. I followed the home training guide that USN provided and eventually created my own routine. I walked or ran on trails or on the road for most of my cardio. I also got on the mountain bike whenever I could.”

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Trust the process

Eager for results, Hein says he overcooked his approach initially but quickly realised that patience was important.

I learnt that if I just follow the guidelines that USN provided and trust the process, I will get the results. It just takes time.”

Sticking to the plan and creating a 500 calorie deficit with daily exercise and a regulated calorie intake, along with help from USN supplements, helped Hein lose 25 kilos in 12 weeks. But his transformation was more than just physical.

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Hein’s recommended supplement stack:

Life-changing results

The challenge helped me repair my relationships with my family. My thought process is so much clearer now. I’m 100% focused on what is truly important in life.”

Hein has also learnt invaluable life lessons from his experience, most notably the power of stretch targets.

The challenge has taught me that if you work hard and keep focused, you can reach the goals you set for yourself. And when you keep setting bigger goals, achieving success becomes a habit.”

As a consequence, Hein now competes in triathlons, mountain bike and trail running races, and has also finished a few half-marathons.

And this is where the USN Body Makeover Challenge really benefits all who complete it, believes Hein.

It changes you more on the inside than it does on the outside. This is a very personal journey for everybody. It takes serious commitment but after those 12 weeks, you will change your life in some meaningful way. That’s what makes it so special.

And these benefits are evident to people beyond his immediate family. “So many people are also changing their habits now because of what this transformation has done for me.”

A winning formula

Importantly, Hein’s transformation also caught the eye of the USN Body Makeover Challenge judges, who chose him as the 2020 challenge winner in the men’s category. As a new USN brand ambassador, Hein will compete in all future events in his USN-branded kit.

When circumstances allow, I plan to do 10 sprint triathlons in 10 different cities in 20 days on my own. I also do fundraising with a multi-sport adventure group called Pink Fairy Multi-Sports Adventures in support of the local SPCA.”

Quick facts

  • Favourite healthy dish: Overnight oats with nuts, cinnamon and USN Whey
  • Favourite training move or workout: Full-body HIIT
  • Top diet tip: Keep it clean. Avoid refined sugar and refined grains. Eat whole foods and whole grains.


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