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Herbex sparks Victoria’s return to healthy living Herbex sparks Victoria’s return to healthy living
While Victoria Ombango was studying in South Africa, she received distressing news from her family in Gabon. “My dad was diagnosed with type 2... Herbex sparks Victoria’s return to healthy living

While Victoria Ombango was studying in South Africa, she received distressing news from her family in Gabon.

My dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015. It was a shock for me because I realised that I carry the genes that predispose me to this lifestyle disease and a higher risk of obesity,” she explains.

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Weighed down

Victoria’s lifestyle was already unhealthy at the time. She realised that if she didn’t change the way she lived, she would also get diabetes in her forties, just like her dad.

And I suffered from back, knee and ankle pain due to my weight. Worse still, I had low self-esteem and I couldn’t dress like I wanted to. Everything I wore was always tight! And I could not wear jeans, especially European-style pants.”

Victoria also links her recurrent illnesses and infections to her poor health and excess weight.

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Time to transform

Ultimately, her dad’s diagnosis was a wake-up. Victoria decided to start her weight-loss journey in September 2015, which is when she discovered Herbex products.

I tried Herbex Attack the Fat when I started my transformation. I paid careful attention to what I ate by eliminating processed foods and reducing my sugar intake, and I cut out junk food and alcohol.”

The Herbex products helped Victoria manage her cravings and she was soon losing weight and keeping it off. “My digestive problems also disappeared!” she adds.

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Lifestyle 2.0

Victoria’s daily routine now includes healthy eating and exercise every day. “I wake up and eat a healthy breakfast with tea – Herbex honey tea is my favourite. I choose my groceries wisely, opting for healthful ingredients like fresh veggies, and I cook most meals at home.”

She still enjoys an occasional cheat meal but no longer stresses about how it will impact her. “It is now part of a balanced lifestyle.”

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Life-changing experience

Victoria recalls that the people around her didn’t always understand why she wanted to lose weight and change her lifestyle.

But losing the weight has completely changed my life. I’m a new person and my transformation has opened many new doors for me. I no longer get sick all the time and my chronic pain is gone.”

More importantly, Victoria regained her self-confidence. “I’m more sociable. More guys approach me now and I’m more confident in my relationships knowing that I won’t be judged for my body. I feel sexy now.”

And Victoria no longer needs to visit the fitting rooms to see if a pair of jeans will fit. “I can wear everything I couldn’t wear before, including slim pants, dresses, and shorts.”

Victoria says choosing to change her lifestyle with help from Herbex was one of the best decisions she ever made.

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Paying it forward

She is now working towards her personal training certificate to help others regain their bodies and self-confidence.

I’m a business management graduate but I’ve found a passion for fitness. Becoming a personal trainer will allow me to help other people with their fitness journeys.

Victoria started her health and fitness crusade at home by trying to convert her family to a healthier lifestyle.

It wasn’t easy to convince them about the importance of eating clean and changing their unhealthy habits, even though my dad already suffers from diabetes.”

She has since expanded her reach with the launch of her online slimming program OBVFit, which gained momentum since COVID-19 as more people look to lose weight at home.

I assist, motivate and encourage people to live a healthier life through the platform by encouraging them to reconnect with healthy habits.”

To date, Victoria has inspired more than 150 people in Gabon by sharing her weight-loss journey and sharing her online slimming program.

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