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[RECIPE] Saucy corn on the cob

12 Feb 2024|

Forget boring butter and salt! This braai season, elevate your corn on the cob recipe with a flavour fiesta thanks to the delicious Lifestyle

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[RECIPE] Nutella banana wrap bites

05 Feb 2024|

Try this delicious Nutella banana wrap bites recipe for a sweet sensation that will tantalise your sweet tooth and make your weekly treat worth

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[RECIPE] Oolong tea ice cocktail

26 Jan 2024|

This harmonious blend of chilled Oolong tea, citrusy notes, and a hint of sweetness, delivers the perfect sip of cool sophistication this summer. Ingredients

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Tarryn muscles up with USN challenge

20 Dec 2023|

USN wanted to reward those who make hard-fought muscle gains by launching the Muscle-Up Challenge, using a simple benchmark for success – the person

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[RECIPE] Frozen Choc Protein Bites

20 Dec 2023|

Try this simple yet decadent Frozen Choc Protein Bites recipe to satiate your chocolate cravings this festive season. Ingredients ½ cup Lifestyle Food Peanut

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[RECIPE] Festive eggnog-inspired protein smoothie

19 Dec 2023|

Embrace the holiday cheer with an eggnog-inspired protein smoothie recipe that substitutes eggs for a plant-based alternative. This delightful creation delivers a creamy and

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