We all make choices every day that affect our ability to lose weight and keep it off. With the right guidance, it’s more likely that every decision will take us a step closer to achieving our goal.

These five tried-and-tested steps from Herbex can help make your weight-loss journey easier. The information provided is based on research built up over many years from engagements with customers who have successfully transformed their bodies and their lifestyles with help from Herbex.

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Step 1 | Healthy eating

Rigid diets can lower your metabolism, which makes it harder to keep the weight off and fixed menus are hard to stick to if they are foreign to your food tastes and preferences.

A healthy eating plan should work for you any time and in any place. It must also be a personalised eating plan that you feel comfortable with and could happily and comfortably follow for the rest of your life.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So choose foods that make you feel good and meet your needs and preferences and avoid those that you know add on centimetres.

In this regard, decide which calorific foods you can comfortably drop or exchanged for foods with fewer calories.

When Victoria Ombango started her Herbex transformation, she paid careful attention to what she ate by eliminating processed foods and reducing her sugar intake.

I also cut out junk food and alcohol. I now choose my groceries wisely, opting for healthful ingredients like fresh veggies, and I cook most meals at home.”

And don’t skip meals! You’ll lose weight, stay healthy and maintain your energy levels with far less stress by eating regularly.

Ultimately, the best approach is thinking long-term for lasting weight control rather than short-term weight loss with quick fixes.

Step 2 | Drink more water

Our bodies consist of more than 70% water, which is why we must sustain them with clean ‘undiluted’ water (preferably filtered) to function at their best.

We need a minimum of eight glasses a day, and more during hotter weather or if you exercise a lot.

We also need adequate water to remove the toxins that can accumulate in our fat cells. When toxicity rises, our body can become reluctant to release fat because we need it to store these toxins. But by drinking sufficient water, we can flush out these toxins.

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Step 3 | Try a supplement

Those looking to lose weight can choose from a wide selection of natural products, including the comprehensive Herbex range, to support their weight-loss programme.

All Herbex slimming products aid digestion, help to eliminate water retention, and control (rather than suppress) your appetite naturally.

After gaining weight following her pregnancy in 2011, Fundiswa used Herbex Attack The Fat Mix n Drink and Herbex Attack The Fat Syrup to lose 24kg in just nine months.

I saw changes to my body within weeks and continued to lose weight. I also had more energy and felt healthier.”

Fundiswa added Herbex Fat Burn Herbal Tea to her daily plan to help keep the weight off!

Herbex products helped me maintain my weight at 51kg for three years now,” she conforms.

When Vuyiswa Nyauza combined Herbex Attack the Fat Syrup with a healthy diet, she immediately saw results. “I lost 3kg in one month!

Vuyiswa then included Herbex Slimmers Drops to reduce her cravings. “That’s helpful when I see something that I know is bad for my diet.”

Step 4 | Exercise

Regular exercise helps us shed weight and stay slim. When Mpumie Twala started her weight-loss transformation by joining a Planet Fitness club.

When she combined regular exercise with Herbex Booster Eat-Less Drops to reduce her food intake and Herbex Age-Group Weight-Loss Tablets to support her efforts in the gym, Mpumie lost 45kg!

Any form of exercise will help stimulate your circulation and boost your metabolism, even if it is brisk walk. You will also get more oxygen to benefit your brain, your heart and your digestive system.

Research also proves that regular exercise will make it more likely that you will keep the weight off compared to people who only change their diet.

It only takes 20-30 minutes of vigorous activity at least three times a week and some muscle toning at least twice a week to aid weight loss.

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Step 5 | Shift your attitude & stay motivated

Sadly, most overweight people have a poor self-image and low self-esteem. Even if you’re overweight, you’re still a capable and worthy person. Start looking at yourself with kindness and appreciation. Recognise that it’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t believe in yourself.

Then start reprogramming yourself to be positive. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up – it’s normal. Just pick yourself up and get back on track.

And set achievable goals. If your target is unrealistic, you could reinforce a negative image of yourself as a failure.

Lastly, keep your goal at the forefront of your thoughts. Whenever you fall back into old negative thought patterns, stop them by reminding yourself that the real you is attractive and likeable, and will soon be there for everyone to see!