When Charissa Jacobs started her transformation journey, she weighed 163kg. Twenty-eight months later she had lost a staggering 80kg with help from Herbex’s Fat Burn range.

More significantly, though, Charissa has regained her health, happiness and self-confidence through her journey, which all began thanks to a TV advert.

Excess weight takes it toll

Before I decided to give Herbex a try, I was constantly tired, suffered from chronic migraines, and my blood pressure was dangerously high at 220/170.”

Performing seemingly ordinary everyday tasks were also challenging for Charissa due to her weight.

I hated shopping. Not only could I never find any outfits I liked, but I couldn’t walk for more than five minutes without stopping to catch my breath. And I hated that people would stare at me for being so overweight.”

The exertion and effort it took to walk around also took its toll on her body. “My back would be so sore the next day that I couldn’t walk or move, and I would get the worst migraine.”

Charissa knew she needed to find a solution, but was unsure where to start until she saw a Herbex advert while watching TV with her husband. “He said, let’s try it.”

The Herbex weight-loss solution

She went out and bought her first Herbex products – the Booster Fat Burn Drops, Fat Burn Tabs and Fat Burn Concentrate from the Herbex Fat Burn range.

Charissa Herbex supplement regimen included:

  1. 45 drops of Booster Fat Burn drops added to a glass of water 15 minutes before meals, twice a day.
  2. 1 Fat Burn tablet after meals, twice a day
  3. 25ml of the Fat Burn Concentrate added to 1L of water throughout the day.

And Charissa favourite Fat Burn Concentrate flavour? Tropical.

Persistence pays off when it comes to weight loss

She slowly started to lose weight and her energy increased. As a consequence, her walks got progressively longer and then she started following the beginner’s workout provided by Herbex.

I can now jog for 5km, and I do a full-body weight lifting workout in the afternoons, five days a week – I love leg day! It’s my favourite workout routine.” Charissa also performs 200 swings with a 16kg kettlebell in the mornings.

And the combination of her exercise regimen, new diet and supplement plan have yielded amazing results.

I’ve lost 80kg and my body fat percentage went from 62% to 26%, which was a big win for me! While I still have more to lose, I feel amazing and I am much more comfortable in my own body.”

Her body shape has also changed. “I’m most proud of my breasts – they are so much smaller! I dropped from a 48G to a 34 full C. I’ve also lost most of my tummy fat and my double chin is almost gone! I’m even starting to see muscles that I’ve never seen before!”

Charissa’s skin also looks so much better from all the water she drinks during the day, and all the sweating she does during her workouts.

Transformation benefits run more than skin deep

But these positive changes also run more than skin deep. Charissa admits that she is also more confident and is willing to stand up for herself these days.

I don’t let people walk all over me anymore. And I can actually look people in the eye and offer them a real smile, not a fake one that merely masks my depression and self-loathing.”

She also loves sleeping now, because when she was overweight and unhealthy she only slept for three hours a night.

And her marriage has benefited, too. “My husband is my number one supporter. He is very proud of me and motivates me all the time. My new-found energy and body have also rekindled our love for each other.”

That extra energy also means Charissa can now keep up with her two kids. “It’s wonderful to spend more time with them, running around outside.”

Charissa’s transformation journey continues

Charissa says that she still grapples with cravings for fattening foods, but she sticks to her plan by reminding herself that she never again wants to look or feel the way she did.

She also receives immense support from her parents, who have stood by her every step of the way. “And whenever I post pictures of my weight loss on Facebook, the rest of my family comments on how proud they are of me. It’s extremely motivating.”

In addition, Charissa has found the ideal balance with her diet, eating three meals a day with two snacks, according to the Herbex 10-day meal plan, which she tweaks to suit her new lifestyle and meet her unique needs.

Being trapped in that big body for 14 years was hell! I took a chance on Herbex and won! I am so thankful that Herbex helped me regain my life. Starting my Herbex journey was the best thing I could ever do for me!”

Charissa’s transformation stats:

  • Starting weight: 163kg
  • Current weight: 80kg
  • Starting body fat %: 62%
  • Current body fat %: 26%