In our quest to lose weight, overcome chronic fatigue and regain their energy and vitality, many people are turning to a ketogenic lifestyle.

Going ‘keto’ entails following a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle. Eating this way aims to induce ketosis, which is a state where the body meets most of its energy needs with substances called ketones, instead of glucose from carbohydrates.

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Another fuel source

You’ve probably heard, either during high school biology or in a television commercial, that glucose fuels the body, which we generally get from the carbohydrates in our diet.

Foods such as bread, rice and fruit are digested and converted into glucose, either immediately or as required by the body. This provides us with the energy we need to maintain our bodily functions and get active.

Yet, your body has a back-up plan in case you can’t get enough carbohydrates.

This alternative energy source is fat. The liver can break down circulating fatty acids from fat reserves and ingested fat to produce those ketones for the energy we need to keep going.

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A ketogenic diet typically consists of:

  • 75% FAT: Eat plenty of good fats from quality sources, like MCT oil, avocados, cheese, and eggs.
  • 20% PROTEIN: Moderate protein intake from fatty cuts of meat, nuts, eggs, and cheese.
  • 5% CARBS: Very low carbohydrate intake from sources like vegetables or nuts.

Weight loss and ketogenesis

On paper, it is simple enough to keep your body in a ketogenic state – merely reduce your carbohydrate intake and cut out sugar from your diet.

Foods such as processed snacks and sugar-filled drinks have to go, but so should carb-rich foods like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta. Replace these with complex carbs from natural sources, particularly leafy greens.

The body will subsequently enter a metabolic state where it preferentially burns fat for fuel. You then sustain this energy system by following a low-carbohydrate, high-fat and moderate-protein diet.

The bottom line is: To BURN fat, you have to eat MORE fat (and fewer carbs). This will trigger that all-important fat-burning process in the liver.

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The keto benefits

You won’t go hungry while following a ketogenic lifestyle because a high-fat diet provides enough calories to keep you going all day.

You will feel satisfied munching on good proteins, such as fish and grass-fed beef, as well as nutritious greens, which provide the building blocks your body needs to repair and rebuild itself! You’ll feel good and look great as you start to shed those kilos.

You may also experience additional benefits when following a ketogenic lifestyle. These could include:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved energy levels
  • Mental clarity
  • Regulated metabolism
  • Regulated blood sugar levels
  • Fewer cravings
  • Hormone regulation

Remember, switching to a ketogenic lifestyle is not just about throwing those carbs in the bin. MAINTAINING a state of ketosis relies on keeping up a healthy, low-carb lifestyle that forms part of a healthy eating plan.

Never forget that the key to good nutrition is a foundation of good quality, fresh produce.

And don’t forget that exercise is crucial, not only for your physical health and to keep you slim, but for your mental and emotional wellbeing, too.

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The KETO LIFE™ Lifestyle

You can get extra support to achieve and maintain ketosis from Keto Life™ products. All products have been formulated specifically to help you achieve ketosis faster and more easily maintain this state. They are a must for those serious about getting their body back into shape!

The Keto Life™ range of lifestyle products will help YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF. Adding these products to your keto diet plan will help you feel better, restore your energy levels, and regain your lost confidence!

Start the Keto Life™ lifestyle in 4 easy steps

  1. Drink 6 capsules of Keto Life™ BHB Ketones
  2. Replace 1 meal with a Keto Life™ BHB Shake
  3. Eat 2 low-carb meals a day
  4. Get moving!

Keto Life™ products are specially formulated to contain exogenous ketone salts and BHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate), which is a ketone that your liver naturally produces from fatty acids during ketosis.

BHB helps your body switch from using glucose for energy by assisting the liver to produce more ketones.

This assistance breaks down fat more efficiently for use as energy. Essentially, BHB is a clean-burning energy source for both the body and the brain.

Keto Life™ BHB Ketones capsules contain 3 ketone salts:

  1. Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  2. Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  3. Sodium Hydroxybutyrate.

Supplementing with Keto Life™ BHB Ketones can help you achieve a state of ketosis faster, which can result in weight loss, and will also help your body stay in a ketogenic state while following a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s a great way to kickstart your new keto lifestyle!

But don’t just take our word for it. Mokgadi tried the Keto Life™ lifestyle and achieved her goals!

In the first 4 weeks, I lost 2.5kg and 8cm around my waist… in 6 weeks I lost a total of 5.5kg. I’m the happiest about my blood pressure, which stabilised after I joined the Keto Life™ lifestyle. Even my skin is glowing! All thanks to Keto Life™!”

Your keto lifestyle starts today

It is time to change your eating habits and get moving! No more counting calories, weighing food or eating less! You simply HAVE TO STOP eating sugar and reduce your carbs.

All around the world, more people are changing to a keto way of life and enjoying their new-found CONFIDENCE. And Keto Life™ supplements can help you get there.

Keto Life™ supplements are available at selected Dis-Chem stores countrywide or online. Visit or the Keto Life Africa Facebook page for additional resources and support. A medical doctor and friendly, trained consultants are available to answer your questions and ensure that you get the right advice to achieve better health and shed those extra kilos!