Adding muscle through weight training and consuming sufficient protein from your diet is possibly the most effective way to successfully lose fat and maintain your weight because it is metabolically-active tissue.

But did you know that protein can also benefit your weight loss in another interesting way?

Protein’s fat-loss power

Protein is particularly beneficial in any weight-loss diet or transformation plan because it provides the building blocks needed to repair, create and retain muscle.

And more muscle raises your overall metabolic rate, even while you’re inactive, which helps you burn more fat and lose weight faster because it is metabolically-active tissue..

The results from a 2012 randomised clinical weight-loss trial affirm that consuming more protein during periods of calorie restriction benefited body composition by helping to preserve lean muscle while you lose fat (and possibly weight).

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The fullness factor

In another study, researchers found that participants who reported eating more protein to avoid gaining weight, actually lost weight.

The feeling of satiety or fullness that protein provides is another important factor in its ability to aid weight loss.

Filling up on protein can help to support diet adherence and could help to limit snacking during the day.

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Pump up your protein intake

And meal replacement powders (MRP) and protein shakes are a convenient and effective way to boost your daily protein intake.

MRPs are rich in protein and are generally low in carbs or, at the very least, contain low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates, which can support your fat loss efforts.

They also differ from standard protein shakes in that they contain fewer calories and are normally rich in fibre to boost satiety.

MRPs are formulated to replace one or more of your daily meals and/or snacks during the day and offer a convenient means to get the macronutrients and other compounds you require to achieve your body composition goals.

Protein powders offer an additional supplement option. Available as either dairy-derived whey and casein options or plant protein blends, protein powders offer a quick and convenient way to get a precise protein dose at important times during the day, like first thing in the morning or directly after training.

They are also highly bioavailable, which means your body can easily digest and absorb the amino acids to support muscle development.

Protein powders are also extremely versatile products and can make your healthy lifestyle more convenient. You can use protein powders in numerous ways, like including them in baking recipes, breakfasts and smoothies to easily and conveniently boost your protein intake, and by doing so, boost your metabolism as well.