As with any lifestyle change, making the transition to a ketogenic diet can prove challenging.

Thankfully, Dis-Chem carries a range of specially formulated ‘keto’ supplements that can augment your eating plan to make it easier to adhere to this lifestyle and support your efforts to achieve and maintain ketosis.

Amplify ketosis

You can support the process and potentially accelerate your journey to ketosis with beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts and exogenous ketone supplements.

Supplemental exogenous (outside of the body) ketones are synthetically-made compounds used to raise ketone levels in the body.

Exogenous ketones are generally available as salts and esters. Ketone salts are naturally-derived compounds that combine sodium and/or potassium or calcium with BHB, which functions like a ketone in the human body and can be converted into energy.

You can drink or eat these supplements to boost ketone bodies, with or without a ketogenic diet.

Research has identified various uses for exogenous ketones, including weight loss and fat loss, improved health and enhanced athletic and cognitive performance, with more research currently underway to affirm these benefits.

Keto convenience

Additional keto-friendly products include keto meal replacement shakes and keto bars, which can make low-carb living easier and more convenient.

Those in a state of nutritional ketosis would generally respond more favourably to ketone supplements, but anyone can use these products as a supplemental energy source.

Those following a keto diet, which restricts a food group to this extent, might also benefit from adding additional supplements to their dietary regimen.

A multivitamin and mineral complex could help to compensate for any micronutrient shortfalls that arise from limiting natural carbs such as fruits and root vegetables. A fibre supplement can also help to ensure adequate intake and maintain healthy digestion.