Jazz singer Mpumie Twala loved food, but her love affair eventually turned into a toxic relationship.

“I wasn’t physically active either at that time. As a result, I continued to gain weight until I was a size 18 and weighed 115kg. I was just 34 years old.

Mpumie lost her zest for life and became depressed. “I was not a happy person. I realised I was huge when my clothes could no longer fit me.

Can’t out-train a bad diet

It was September 2006 when Mpumie resolved to regain control of her life. She started her weight-loss drive by joining a Planet Fitness club.

“It was an uphill battle because I was so unfit at the time. And despite attending the gym regularly, nothing happened to my weight problem. I still loved food too much and had not addressed my poor eating habits.”

As a result, Mpumie didn’t make any progress between 2006 and 2008, but she never gave up!

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Help from Herbex

“In June 2008, I made a decision to find a product that would help me to eat less.

Mpumie selected Herbex Booster Eat-Less Drops, which helped her reduce her food intake.

A month later she bought Herbex Age-Group Weight-Loss Tablets for women aged 20-40 years to add extra impetus to her weight-loss efforts.

“I lost 1kg that month, even though I was only going to the gym once or twice a week because it was winter.”

Nevertheless, Mpumie acknowledged her achievement and vowed to continue. “I felt great after losing that first kilo and Iwent on to lose 30kg more between July 2008 and April 2009.

By 2012, Mpumie had lost a staggering 45kg. “I weighed 71kg and people started to notice and comment on my weight loss. I felt good and the compliments encouraged me to continue to reach my ideal weight.”

Mpumie kept using the Herbex Age Group Weight-Loss Tablets and has managed to maintain her new weight.

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Dark clouds lift

Excess body weight is like a dark cloud that limits your potential in life. Since losing all that weight, those dark clouds have lifted. I am a more positive and happier person and I’ve managed to win the battle against my depression. I now love every part of my body and feel beautiful and very sexy.”

Her weight-loss success also imbued Mpumie with new-found assuredness in her abilities.

“It has given me the confidence to reach other goals in life. And this self-belief has benefited my singing. When I was on stage before, I never used to dance, but now I can dance and enjoy my performances because I feel light and free to express myself.”

Age-defying socialite

Mpumie’s weight loss also transformed her social life.

“I was not comfortable going out with friends when I was overweight, but now I enjoy every moment. I am also happy and bubbly when I’m out, which helps me meet new people, many of whom tell me that I am beautiful. Most don’t believe me when I tell them my age – at times, I had to produce my ID or driver’s licence to prove it. And I even attracted guys, like sugar attracts bees,” quips Mpumie.

The transformed Mpumie has also enjoyed a new lease on family life. “I now play with my niece, swimming in public places with no worries because I am no longer ashamed of myself. My mother also loves the new me. My family have really assisted me and supported my weight-loss venture.”

And Mpumie uses her renewed energy to get involved and help the less fortunate. “Because I have learned to take care of myself, I can now help to take care of others.”