Looking for a better kombucha? Try the Lo Bros range of organic kombucha drinks, now available at select Dis-Chem stores.

Lo Bros is a ‘living’ drinks brand that creates a unique range of organic and vegan-friendly products. Lo Bros carefully crafts these refreshing sparkling soft drinks by fermenting organic green and oolong tea with sugar, water and symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).

Alive with beneficial probiotics

This process ensures there are more than 100-million live cultures in every bottle or can, which includes different bacteria strains.

Living cultures, or probiotics, help to promote a healthy gut, something that modern nutritionists are increasingly recognising as crucial to both mental and physical well-being.

The gut is the centre of the immune system and produces 90% of the body’s serotonin (the feel-good hormone). As such, maintaining a healthy gut can support both immunity and our mental health.

Drinking fermented drinks like kombucha can help incorporate living cultures into daily life and Lo Bros strives to produce delicious beverages across a wide variety of flavours to make this easier.

Certified Organic

All Lo Bros kombucha is Certified Organic and goes through rigorous scrutiny to meet these strict standards.

Organic ingredients must be grown without synthetic agricultural chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, which means that organic farming has a reduced impact on the environment.

It also means there’s no chance of these substances sneaking into your drink! Organic certified products can not contain synthetic colours or flavours, or genetically modified ingredients, so you can trust what’s in your bottle or can of Lo Bros.

Each drink contains just 2.5g to 3.2 of sugar per 100ml and is also dairy and gluten-free. The range is currently available locally at select Dis-Chem stores in 250ml cans with various flavours, including Raspberry & Lemon, Ginger & Lemon, and Passionfruit.