Innovation remains the name of the game in the highly competitive protein market and Biogen continues to lead the way with new formulations and flavours.

Look out for updates to two popular protein supplements in the extensive Biogen range with a new Biogen Night Feed Casein Protein flavour and an updated Biogen RAGE Impact Whey formulation.

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Biogen Night Feed available in Vanilla Custard flavour

Night-time recovery and muscle growth just got a whole lot tastier with the latest Biogen Night Feed Casein Protein flavour innovation – Vanilla Custard.

Biogen Night Feed Casein Protein is a delicious, high protein nutritional shake that contains a precise blend of high biological value and slower digesting proteins.

The slow digestion and absorption of amino acids have become an essential and highly beneficial element of recovery.

Taken primarily before bed, or prior to periods where your body typically is subjected to reduced food intake, casein has been shown to help promote optimum muscle recovery and growth, as well as for anyone looking to supplement their diet with additional protein.

Night Feed also includes Aminogen®, a designer digestive enzyme, that has been shown to improve protein digestion and amino acid assimilation.

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Biogen RAGE Impact Whey now with Tongat Ali

Biogen has added extra impact to its anabolic whey shake with the introduction of a potent herbal extract.

Biogen RAGE Impact Whey is now formulated with Tongkat Ali, which has been demonstrated to boost testosterone levels that can support lean muscle development and help reduce body fat percentage.

Each serving also contains 27 g of protein and high levels of glycine, taurine and creatine monohydrate to deliver the ideal shake for extreme exercise efficiency and performance.