The team at Biogen has been hard at work updating formulas and adding new flavour innovations to this popular local supplement range.

Look out for an updated RAGE Anabolic Impact Whey offering and Biogen’s trusted BULK 45/150 mass gainer in two new delicious flavours.

Biogen updates RAGE Anabolic Impact Whey

You will now find Biogen’s popular RAGE Anabolic Impact Whey in a rebranded tub at your local Dis-Chem store and online.

But the changes are more than cosmetic! Biogen has also updated the formula. Each serving of RAGE Anabolic Impact Whey now delivers a substantial 27 g of protein, in addition to 6.8 g of BCAAs, 3,403 mg of creatine monohydrate, as well as taurine and glycine, with no added sugar.

This anabolic iso-whey formulation makes Biogen RAGE Anabolic Impact Whey the ideal shake for extreme exercise efficiency and performance as it supports high-intensity training and promotes lean muscle gain.

Biogen adds BULK 45/150 flavours

Bulk up the tasty way with the newest flavours in the Biogen BULK 45/150 range. Look out for your favourite mass builder shake in tasty Bubblegum and Choco Mint Crisp flavours.

Biogen Bulk 45/150 delivers the energy and nutrients your body needs to fuel serious gains in muscle mass and size from a precise blend of carbohydrate sources and 45 g of quality, highly bio-available protein per serving.

In addition, Biogen has added a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral and antioxidant blend to this calorie-dense mass gain supplement.

Biogen Bulk 45/150 is Informed Choice-certified and stimulant free, which makes it ideal for athletes.