You can now get all the benefits of NPL’s innovative Neuro Burn energy drink, which boosts fat metabolism and workout performance while increasing mood, motivation and mental focus, in a convenient capsule form.

NPL Neuro Cuts is an advanced all-in-one hybrid fat metabolising energy supplement that may enhance mental focus, aid cortisol control and boost metabolic efficiency while aiding weight loss.

A combination of high-dose B vitamins, Biotin, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Caffeine is included to increase energy levels, aid focus and motivation.

Beneficial blend

NPL Neuro Cuts contains Sinetrol® XPUR, a thermogenic aid, as well as Alpha GPC, a powerful nootropic for a hybrid weight management system.

Sinetrol® XPUR is a combination of citrus flavonoids and has been found to target the breakdown of stored fat cells, aiding in weight management. This blend of citrus flavonoids may aid in the reduction of inflammation.

This product is ideal for those looking for an increase in mental focus, overall mood and productivity.