Biogen has released two new products that are formulated to help you boost your fat-loss efforts in the gym and between workouts.

Heat up your sessions

Biogen Pre Burn Pulse is a thermogenic pre-workout supplement formulated to help you achieve a leaner and fitter physique.

The Thermogenic Energy & Focus blend is formulated to boost energy levels, reduce stress, improve your focus and boost your overall mental performance.

The Endurance & Lean Muscle Protection blend is formulated to build lean muscle, enhance performance, improve hydration and help promote recovery.

Pre Burn Pulse contains GlycerSIZE, BioPerine and 200mg of caffeine per serving. Available in Sour Worms or Tutti Fruity flavours.

Night-time burn

For added support, use Biogen Night Burn. This night-time supplement supports active individuals with a combination of active ingredients.

These include Innoslim, which provides weight and metabolic support through reduced glucose absorption in the intestine, increased glucose absorption in muscle and fat cells, reduced fat accumulation and inflammation in fat cells, and reduced insulin resistance.

Ashwagandha’s inclusion works by possibly suppressing stress-induced increases of dopamine receptors in the brain.

And Biogen Night Burn includes L-Tryptophan, an amino acid that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier where it has sedative effects, and Theanine, an amino acid with relaxing and anti-anxiety effects.