Local endurance supplement brand 32Gi® has updated its range with two new exciting products in the form of 32Gi® BOOM and Immunize

32Gi® BOOM is the latest in high-performance endurance pre-workout supplements to help athletes push harder for longer.

Performance booster

This scientifically-proven blend contains nutrients to enhance mental focus, promote vasodilation, and improve buffering thanks to beta-alanine.

The formulation contains a patented caffeine blend that includes ZumXR for immediate, stable, and prolonged mental energy and focus.

Beetroot extract acts as a natural vasodilator for improved circulation and better oxygen delivery, and citrulline malate, which improves arginine concentration for improved blood flow.

This combination helps to increase power, maintain intensity, and improve performance and training adaptations.

Lose fewer training days

32Gi® Immunize is a uniquely formulated all-in-one immune optimisation and recovery formula.

A quad blend of the clinically-proven beta-glucan Wellmune®, together with vitamin C, zinc and B vitamins help recover, fortify and optimise the immune system in active people to improve general health, reduce infection risk, and protect against the damaging effects of stress. This product s gluten-, GMO-, preservative- and dairy-free, and contains zero calories.

32Gi® BOOM and Immunize are available now from select Dis-Chem stores.