Get your daily dose of six different greens in convenient capsule form with NPL Daily Greens.

This innovative supplement was developed to improve immune support, detoxification, and gut health by providing real food nutrients from wheat grass, celery, spinach and kale extracts.

Superfood ingredients

Wheat grass extract is considered a superfood due to its rich antioxidant and micronutrient content. Wheat grass may reduce inflammation and improve immune health and digestion.

Spinach and kale are highly nutritious and have various health benefits. Both contain high levels of vitamins A, C and K as well as folate. These extracts may support immune function.

The formulation also contains baobab extract, which is a natural source of vitamin C and known for its benefits on skin health and immunity. Baobab may also help balance blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.

This product is free from artificial colourants, dairy, gelatine, and gluten and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.