In a fast-paced world where we face increased pressures and stresses that impact our health and well-being, the convenience offered from FoodGrown™© nature-based vitamins and minerals can support your overall health and wellness.

Creating a balanced lifestyle and consuming sufficient nutrients on a daily basis can be challenging and result in nutritional deficiencies.

Meet the FoodGrown™© range

FoodGrown™© was created out of the need for more nature-based health supplements in the market that mimic the bioavailability of real food, helping your body recognise and absorb these nutrients more effectively.

The FoodGrown™© range relies solely on plant-based, real food extracts and micronutrients to support overall wellness and is free from synthetic ingredients, genetically modified organisms, fillers, solvents, or chemicals.

The range consists of various products designed to target various individual aspects of overall health, making it easier to find the correct product that addresses your individual requirements.


Product options include:

Why consider FoodGrown™©?

Deteriorating soil quality, pesticides, GMOs, and other artificial interventions have the potential to reduce the nutritional quality of the food we eat, affecting the nutritional content and absorption of these foods and possibly resulting in deficiencies, which impact our day-to-day functioning.

There are many nutritional supplements on the market, but it can be confusing deciding which one is right for you.

Quality is the cornerstone of the FoodGrown™© brand, and you consumers can rest assured that what is on the label is in the product and that each product is dosed optimally.

FoodGrown™© is packed in an accredited facility following cGMP standards to assure the highest level of quality for the whole family.

The FoodGrown™© benefits

Producing FoodGrown™© products starts by sourcing high quality, natural ingredients from reputable suppliers from all over the world.

Each ingredient is studied and tested to assure its efficacy and bioavailability before it is selected for the FoodGrown™© range.

Natural, food-based ingredients contain intrinsic cofactors and micronutrients that improve recognition by the body and enhance the integrity, half-life, and absorption of these beneficial elements.

The new FoodGrown™© range is available from Dis-Chem stores and online.