Biogen continues to deliver tantalising new taste experiences for its loyal customers.

Shop online or at your Dis-Chem for a comforting Choc Malt Biogen Iso-Whey option or a Limited Edition Biogen Lean Whey Freezochino flavour.

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Biogen Iso-Whey Choc Malt flavour

Biogen has added the comforting Choc Malt flavour to its premium protein Iso-Whey range. The blend of chocolate and malt is a firm favourite for its sweet chocolate taste and the nutty flavour profile from the malt.

It’s a delicious way to get easily digestible EAAs and BCAAs to support muscle growth and recovery from Iso-Whey’s Tri Matrix Protein blend of whey hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate.

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Delightful New Limited Edition Biogen Lean Whey flavour

Coffee lovers should look out for Biogen Lean Whey in a Limited Edition Freezochino flavour at your local Dis-Chem store.

Biogen Lean Whey is high in protein to maintain lean muscle mass, and contains OatWell™ (Oat beta-glucan) fibre to help maintain blood glucose levels to curb hunger and maintain energy levels.

Lean Whey is the ideal supplement for weight-conscious individuals looking for an easy-to-prepare, compact meal replacement or snack.