USN remains hard at work introducing industry-leading innovations into the local market.

It has been a busy start to the year for the brand, with numerous announcements made regarding product updates, new formulations and a few new products.

These are the 2020 highlights so far:

USN Qhush Spike x300 Blue Gaming

USN’s popular Spike x300 spin-off, Qhush is now available in a Blue Gaming variant, offering 300mg of caffeine and 200mg of vitamin B for extreme energy and focus. It’s extreme energy that can give you a mental and a physical edge.


USN Super Strength Grow 5000

This extreme mass gain and muscle strength supplement stack contains a super strength growth blend per serving of:

  • 5,000mg creatine
  • 5,000mg L-glycine
  • 2,000mg taurine
  • 32g protein

With zero added sugar, it’s the ideal way to support serious gains in both strength and size. It’s available in Double Chocolate flavour.

USN Keto Alkaline Powder

This alkalising supplement powder contains a combination of tissue salts, minerals and seaweed that assists the body to achieve acid and alkaline balance.

Added L-glutamine (2,000mg) assists with muscle recovery. It is an ideal product to aid muscle recovery, sustained energy, and achieve and support optimal pH balance.

USN Trust Protein Cookie

These tasty cookies, ideal for a convenient snack or guilt-free treat, contain 20g of protein and a mere 1.1g of sugar per serving. They are also suitable for vegetarians. Available in Birthday Cake and Cookies and Cream flavours.



USN Trust Crunch bar

USN’s delicious Trust Crunch bar, now available in Raspberry Cheesecake flavour, contains 18g of protein and just 2.5g of sugar per serving, offering a high-protein on-the-go snack or treat option.