The NPL Thermo Cuts 12-week challenge started in January. Entrants received a free 12-week eating plan to use in conjunction with their NPL Thermo Cuts Black fat burner and set to work transforming their bodies and lifestyles.

Three months later, two contestants emerged as the front-runners based on their incredible results. Tiaan Geissler lost more than a kilo a week to shed an astonishing 13.3kg. He also reduced his body fat by 10%.

Extreme transformation in lockdown

BEfore & AfterHowever, it was Kerry Weller’s transformation that secured the grand prize. Kerry was ultimately chosen because she not only lost fat but also increased her lean muscle.

And she shifted her mindset and embraced a new lifestyle to become a healthier and happier person overall, which is what NPL values as a brand.

“I loved the whole experience but, I must be honest, it was so tough to keep going and train in lockdown. Thankfully, NPL gave me a lot of motivation to train at home,” explained Kerry.

Her commitment earned her the R20,000 grand prize, while Tiaan received an NPL product hamper as the runner-up. For more info, visit