USN’s new Hydrotech Whey offers a supreme protein blend aimed at delivering lean muscle gains, enhanced recovery and significant strength increases.

This unique blend of whey and wheat protein is aimed at enhancing the effect of training and delivering results.

All about wheat protein

Wheat protein is created by turning the gluten in protein―the main protein in wheat―into free amino acids.

Including this protein source in the Hydrotech formulation offers numerous benefits.

For instance, wheat protein supplies the bloodstream with essential amino acids over an extended period of time.

This complements whey’s fast release profile to deliver staged-release protein matrix, which ensures that muscles benefit from an amino acid supply over an extended period to support optimal muscle repair, recovery and growth.

Wheat protein is also an affordable alternative to whey protein, which has experienced significant price increases since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Super serving

Each serving of USN Hydrotech Whey contains 40g of protein, 3.7g of BCAAs, and DigeZyme, a unique blend of digestive enzymes that aid digestion and improve absorption. Added B vitamins assist with energy production and boosts the immune system.

USN Hydrotech Whey is available at select Dis-Chem stores and online