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Optimise your life with a DNA test Optimise your life with a DNA test
Imagine your body came with a manual. Well, it does. You just need a genetic test to access the info. Dis-Chem offers advanced DNA... Optimise your life with a DNA test

Imagine your body came with a manual. Well, it does. You just need a genetic test to access the info.

Dis-Chem offers advanced DNA tests, powered by MUHDO. These easy-to-use testing kits deliver invaluable insights about your genetics and how you can optimise your health and fitness based on your unique genetic code.

“A MUHDO DNA test provides the most advanced peer-reviewed DNA advice available – it’s the missing manual on your body,” explains Clint Smith, founder and owner of The Wellness Revolution.

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Unlocking a wealth of information

The system generates over 300 reports from the 1,000 snips analysed – more than any other DNA test.

These reports cover five core health areas. These include:

  1. Sport: Power, stamina, O2 usage, recovery, muscle mass, injury risk, inflammation and more
  2. Diet: macronutrient metabolism, sugar response, cravings, snacking, metabolic rate, fat distribution and more.
  3. Vitamins & Supplements: Micro- and macronutrient metabolism and absorption.
  4. Health & Lifestyle: caffeine sensitivity, genetic bone mineral density, obesity, diabetes and hypertension risk and more.
  5. Psychology: Warrior versus worrier and stress tolerance.

The test also provides insights into an additional 12 key areas related to stress management, sleep, metabolism, lifestyle and your mental and physical health.

Invaluable personalised data that will help you make the right decision for your genetic code.

These insights are conveniently shared via a mobile app and reveal how your gene expression responds to non-genetic influences relating to exercise, diet and lifestyle factors, your psychology and even the vitamins and supplements you take.

The results can take your sport, training and health to the next level, and could help you get the most value from your diet interventions and supplement plans by utilising the information to train and eat smarter and better understand your body to make informed decisions.

The app also includes 500 exercise videos to guide your proposed exercise interventions.

The ABCs of DNA testing

MUHDO analyses a salvia sample. The test concentrates on a particular subset of 1,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced snips) that affect our fitness characteristics, injury risks, micro- and macronutrient metabolism, mental health, sleep patterns and more.

There are roughly 5 million snips in a human genome. The majority of these are similar between people. However, variances in some snips give us our unique features.

Custom technology then utilises algorithms to predict physiological outcomes based on certain genotypes to produce a conclusive DNA profile.

Now you can make informed choices

MUHDO has also shown through its own funded research that the inclusion of DNA testing to highlight “at-risk” individuals is vital in preventive medicine. However, the company does not focus on disease diagnostics.

“A DNA test doesn’t give you a snapshot of your health today – it’s not a health test. It’s way more than that! You get useful knowledge about your body’s settings, which won’t change over time because your DNA remains the same. And finding out all those important settings can help to optimise your life.”

By testing specific gene variations that have scientifically validated research to prove their associations, the resultant report interprets your unique genetic code or genotype to reveal valuable information.

Precise interventions

Having identified the presence or absence of these polymorphisms, qualified health, diet and fitness experts qualitatively and quantitatively assess particular areas to suggest interventions that could improve aspects related to the specific genes.

“MUHDO utilises a combination of environmental and genetic factors in its recommendations, which come from highly qualified team members and are in line with standard medicine and ideas on nutrition, performance and health,” continues Clint.

Ultimately, this information can remove much of the guesswork and trial-and-error approaches commonly used to find the right diet to lose weight, the ideal nutritional intervention to improve your health, or the ideal exercise program to accelerate your results or boost your performance.

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It can even inform how long you should recover between hard training sessions to reduce your injury risk.

Change your outcomes

“Many people incorrectly believe that there is nothing they can do if they carry gene variants that are associated with rapid weight gain, stubborn fat loss, disease risk or other unfavourable conditions, but that’s not necessarily the case,” explains Clint.

While your genes cannot change, you can change your lifestyle according to your genetic strengths and weaknesses through appropriate, informed exercise, dietary and lifestyle recommendations and guidance.

“You can even potentially prevent many common health conditions through the correct diet and lifestyle choices. A DNA test simply helps you make the best choices based on your unique DNA,” elaborates Clint.

“More importantly, the prescribed approaches to diet, exercise and lifestyle are based on science, not opinions or pseudo-science. It’s the most accurate way to find the perfect strategy for your body,” he concludes.

How you can uncover your unique code

It is incredibly simple and convenient to access this wealth of information.

  1. Purchase a DNA test from selected Dis-Chem stores or online.
  2. Take a saliva sample using the swab included in the pack.
  3. Send the sample to the MUHDO lab using the packaging provided.
  4. Download the user-friendly app and register to receive your results and feedback.

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