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Promote beauty from within with nutricosmetics Promote beauty from within with nutricosmetics
For years, the beauty and skincare industry has told us that vibrant, glowing skin and hair comes from products and treatments that nourish from... Promote beauty from within with nutricosmetics

For years, the beauty and skincare industry has told us that vibrant, glowing skin and hair comes from products and treatments that nourish from the outside in, but is that enough?

The truth is that achieving a healthful, luscious and vibrant outward appearance also requires nutrients that nourish from the inside out for deep, holistic skin and hair care.

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The nutricosmetics category

Enter the booming ‘nutricosmetics’ industry – a crossover between the worlds of nutraceuticals, supplements and topical cosmetics.

More simply categorised as beauty supplements, these products provide different ingredients in various formulations to deliver the nutrients our bodies need to support natural repair and growth processes and improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails. In short, these products promote beauty from within.

Possible nutricosmetic benefits:

  • Repair: Certain products contain compounds that support cell repair or molecules that stimulate the natural production of the compounds.
  • Growth: Certain products contain compounds that stimulate the natural production of new skin, hair or nail cells to maintain a healthy rate of tissue renewal.
  • Protection: Certain ingredients protect skin from environmental stressors that often cause damage and premature ageing.
  • Hydration: Certain molecules may promote hydration of the skin.

A natural approach

The nutricosmetics trends continue to grow in prominence because people increasingly understand the vital role that wholesome nutrition and balanced eating plays in the quality and condition of our skin, hair and nails.

Evolving preferences for natural products and treatments over more conventional chemical-based or artificial options have also helped to fuel this transformative industry trend.

Common ingredients, which are already found in conventional dietary supplements formulated to support health, recovery or performance, include collagen, peptides, proteins, vitamins, carotenes, lycopene, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, among others.

And numerous ingredients have research backing their effectiveness. For instance, research affirms that natural compounds like hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10, collagen, omega-3s and vitamins A, C, and E may strengthen skin cells and support repair and growth.

In addition, the antioxidant lycopene, along with resveratrol and certain polyphenols and flavonoids may also offer skin protection against UV damage.

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Combined regimen

Nutricosmetic products are manufactured in the same way as common dietary supplements. That means you’ll find products in forms you’d probably already consume, namely capsules, tablets or mixable powders.

These products offer convenient and practical options to support a balanced and nutritious diet by supplementing any potential nutritional shortfalls.

But nutricosmetic products should not replace your topical cosmetics regimen. Your creams and treatments are applied externally and reach superficial skin layers to nourish and rejuvenate your skin’s external appearance.

Nutricosmetics aim to complement your current beauty regimen by nourishing and supporting the cells in the deeper dermis and hypodermis layers to promote and maintain holistic skin health.

So don’t ditch your tried-and-trusted beauty regimen in favour of nutricosmetics. Instead, complement your go-to skin, hair, and nail routine with well-formulated nutricosmetic supplements.

But before you bolster your current beauty regimen with nutricosmetic products, it is worth checking what ingredients your current dietary supplement plan provides. As these products contain many of the same compounds, it’s important to read package labels to identify any crossover to avoid double dosing or potential mega-dosing.

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